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Event Recap: SSP/RSP Workshop #1 - Scaling Up

The fist workshop in the 216-17 SSP/RSP series was held on 23 November at the MSAC Sports House training room. The session was well attended by over 40 SSA and RSA staff.

Andrew Walton, CEO of Interact Sport, kicked things off by telling the story of his experience developing his business from the ground up, starting as an online results platform for local cricket clubs that is now in demand both here and overseas – a great example of a successfully scaled product.

The rest of the session was presented by Felicity Green, Associate Director of Spark Strategy. Felicity introduced the Business Model Canvass, discussed trends in the not-for-profit industry relating to scaling products, and provided examples of successfully functioning business models. For the workshopping component, participants used a hypothetical scenario – scaling up a drone racing participation program – to workshop solutions to key elements of the Business Model Canvass: value proposition, products and services, and revenue streams. This proved to be an effective learning method which resulted in vibrant table discussions. Initially the groups defined the value proposition of the drone racing program, and defined what kind of services and delivery models they believed would be most appropriate for their target markets. The most interesting part of the session was the discussions on partnerships and revenue streams. Across the five tables each group thought creatively about what kind of external providers would be appropriate for a drone racing program, and with regards to revenue, each table brainstormed a wide array of ideas to generate revenue beyond government investment.

A key element to the success of this session was the strong number of RSA staff, and when combined with an equal number of SSA staff, this produced vibrant, diverse and effective thinking to the benefit of all attendees.

A video of the main presentations is available below. You might also like to check out these additional resources as provided by Spark Strategy:

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AusPlay survey results released by Australian Sports Commission

The Australian Sport Commission (ASC) recently released the results of the Ausplay survey – a large scale national population tracking survey funded and led by the ASC. This is great news for the sport sector, as there has been a lack of up-to-date national participation data since the release of the ABS Sport and Recreation: A Statistical Overview, Australia in 2012 and the ASC’s Participation in Exercise, Recreation and Sport (ERASS) in 2010.


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