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Vicsport can help your organisation with a number of consultancy services outlined below. We can also work with you to develop services tailored to your needs and Vicsport members can access discounted member rates.

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Vicsport are the experts in sport governance having led the push to improved governance processes and board diversity across the industry. In 2009, Vicsport published the Good Governance Framework and Toolkit to assist sport organisations to improve governance practices, increase skills and develop greater board diversity. This resource is regarded as the industry standard for best practice governance. Vicsport also provides 1:1 support to a range of sport organisations, resulting in more diverse and capable boards governing Victorian sport.

Governance Health Check & Action Plan

The support involves undertaking a ‘health check’ of the organisation’s governance structure, constitution, board composition, policy framework, reporting mechanisms (including financial reporting) and compliance measures. A developed action plan identifies short, medium and long-term goals prioritised according to compliance obligations and best practice governance principles for sporting organisations.

Governance Review

A comprehensive process which undertakes a complete review of current governance structures and identification of potential alternatives (if required). This service also provides organisations with an action plan to address governance issues moving forward.

Board Skills Audit

To ensure a Board has the correct mix of skills and competencies to maximise the governance capabilities of the organisation, the Board Skills Audit identifies current skills and competencies of the Board with a view to informing the recruitment, training and development opportunities for Board members.

Board Meeting Evaluation

Vicsport attend a board meeting to observe and review the format, structure and content of the meeting. The evaluation contains a checklist of key Board meeting requirements and makes recommendations to assist in improving the format and conduct of future meetings.

Board Policy Review

Vicsport will review the organisation’s Board policies and make recommendations to improve their understanding and application. If required, new template policies will be drafted for the Board’s consideration.

Board Training Workshops

In order to increase the skills and capacity of your Board, Vicsport can conduct training sessions of varying lengths and topics depending on Board priorities:

  • Introduction to governance & the role of the Board
  • Rights & responsibilities of being a director
  • Role of the Chair
  • Strategy development & maintaining strategic focus
  • Managing conflicts of interest
  • 40% Mandatory Board Quotas

40% Women on Boards Quota Support

This service provides an overview of existing practices and makes recommendations to assist the Board to improve its gender diversity and reach (or maintain) the 40% Women on Boards Quota.

Vicsport is committed to supporting sport organisations develop sustainable and effective strategies to ensure ongoing growth so that their sport is enjoyed well into the future. Vicsport understands sport and can assist your organisation in developing a comprehensive vision for the future through strategic planning, sport structure review and more.

Strategic Plan Development

Determine the key strategic priorities facing your organisation and develop a multi-year plan identifying goals, actions and key performance indicators for the Board and management to undertake. Strategic Plan development includes:

  • Reviewing the current organisation Strategic Plan
  • Establishing a Strategic Planning Sub-committee
  • Consultation and feedback from all key stakeholders including members
  • Establishing future priorities for members and participants
  • Review the overall sporting landscape & trends

Sport Structure Review

In full consultation with members and stakeholders, Vicsport can undertake a formal review of the structure and format of your sport and how it is delivered, making recommendations for improvement. Key actions include:

  • Determining if the current structure meets the needs participants
  • Does it contribute to sustainable growth?
  • Does it meet the objectives of the Strategic Plan?
  • Does it create barriers for new participants?
  • What developments would increase its attractiveness to existing and potential participants?
  • Improve competition scheduling, format and geography.

The Victorian Child Safe Standards apply to all sporting organisations that provide services or facilities to children within Victoria. This is a legal requirement for sporting organisations of all sizes from grassroots clubs all the way through to National Sporting Organisations. The Standards relate to developing a child safe culture within an organisation and include requirements to have practices, procedures and policies in place to prevent and respond to allegations of child abuse.

All organisations working with children must take steps to prevent abuse. Since 2016, Vicsport has been working with and supporting sporting organisations based in Victoria to implement the Standards. Based on this experience, knowledge and learnings, we work with sport organisations to develop and strengthen child safe sport practices in a way that is practical and easy to understand.

Child Safe Sport Review

Vicsport will review an organisation’s policies and procedures, consult with staff and volunteers and develop a framework for the organisation to address the Victorian Child Safe Standards. If updates are required, Vicsport will draft new policies and procedures and create an ongoing action plan to assist the organisation to maintain a child safe culture.

About the Child Safe Standards (Information Session)

This information session provides an overview of the Victorian Child Safe Standards. It has been designed to inform attendees about the Standards, their compliance requirements and how the Standards may affect their organisation. It also acts as an entry-point for individuals who have limited or no awareness of the Standards.

Child Safe Sport Action Plan Workshop

Through this process, Vicsport work with organisation staff to develop an understanding of the Standards and identify practical steps all staff members can take to adapt what they do and deliver sport in a more child safe manner. At the end of the workshop, the basis of an organisational child safe sport action plan is developed.

Child Safe Sport Club Workshop

Designed for local clubs, we work with SSAs & LGAs to deliver a interactive workshop which includes information and activities about developing a child safe culture and compliance with the Standards. Attendees will gain an understanding of the Victorian Child Safe Standards, have the chance to workshop ideas about child safe sport and develop an Action Plan for their club.

Vicsport has a long history of promoting and encouraging best practice innovation in community sport. Since 2014, Vicsport has partnered with VicHealth to deliver the Forward Thinking Series and Sport Jam workshops that build the capability of sports administrators at all levels to use human-centred design and lean start-up thinking as ways to increase physical activity through modernised sport products and programs.

Human-Centred Design Insights

In full consultation with current members and/or new target audiences, Vicsport can undertake an insights discovery process to generate empathetic insights, unearthing the human-based needs and motivations of sport participants. Key actions include:

  • Defining a mission statement to guide your HCD discovery process
  • Engagement with people through surveys, focus groups and/or conversations
  • Comprehensive synthesis of all qualitative data
  • Generation of an insights report highlighting the key customer jobs, pains and gains your organisation needs to address for a more human-centred approach

Participation and Membership Reviews

In consultation with members and stakeholders, Vicsport can undertake a review of participation or membership opportunities within your sport, looking at how options are delivered and making recommendations for improvement. Key actions include:

  • Determining if the current options meets participant needs
  • Identifying underlying issues impacting participation rates
  • Aligning participation options with your organisation's strategy
  • Identifying opportunities to increase participation and membership rates.
  • Outlining ways to increase attractiveness to existing and potential participants

Looking for help with issue or project that isn’t listed here? Vicsport will happily develop and tailor services for your organisation’s needs.

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Project sustainability reviews Governance
Project feasibility assessments Leadership
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"“Anthony Bowd and Vicsport have been outstanding in showing great leadership and guidance for the regional academies. Our Strategic plan now encompasses the input of all our stakeholders and we have a clear understanding of where we are able to best impact and the means to achieve this. We would recommend Anthony and the team if your organisation is looking to set a clear path for the future.”
Cameron Loftus - Barwon Sports Academy

"I thought Anthony Bowd provided valuable structure, insight and knowledge in working through a range of Governance and Strategic issues with Equestrian Victoria."
Bernard Saundry
"As a resource for largely volunteer run organisations the Vicsport staff were invaluable."
Equestrian Victoria
"Great baseline knowledge combined with professional structured approach."
Little Athletics Victoria

Vicsport’s staff has significant experience in the sport and active recreation sector and has delivered work with international, national and regional significance.

Our team and network of consultants includes former National Sporting Organisation and State Sport Association staff. Find details of staff profiles here.

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