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Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation

The Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation works with partners and communities across Victoria to inform people about the risks of gambling, and to provide support to those who need it, including people affected by someone else’s gambling.

The Foundation’s Love the Game Sporting Club Program aims to reduce the exposure of young people to sports betting promotion and disrupt the social norm of betting and sport. On average, there were 374 gambling ads shown on free-to-air TV per day in 2016. 74 per cent of Victorian adults agree that young people are exposed to too much gambling advertising. When young people see excessive sports betting promotion it can seem like gambling is normal, and that sport is all about the odds, not the game. When something feels normal, it doesn’t seem risky. Working at all sporting levels, from community to elite, the program seeks to prevent and reduce gambling harm.

The program encourages parents and role models (coaches, teachers, relatives) to talk to young people about the risks and consequences of gambling, so they love the game, not the odds.

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