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Positive Feedback on Healthy Choices Guidelines Workshop

Feedback from the Healthy Choices Guidelines Workshop on Tuesday 18th October with Kate Wilkinson from Nutrition Australia was that the session was both positive and engaging, with one SSA representative saying “this is the nutrition information we have needed to understand and be able to explain and engage sports clubs/canteens”. The simple ways to change ‘Amber’ classified foods to healthier ‘Green’ classified foods was explained, along with fantastic nutrition resources available to clubs who are aiming to achieve the healthy choices guidelines.

We have been fortunate to capture Kate’s presentation on video. Please see the video at the bottom of this article.

The Healthy Eating Advisory Service 1300 22 52 88

All the resources received from the workshop and additional nutrition support are available through the Healthy Eating Advisory Service please visit or contact 1300 22 52 88.

The Healthy Eating Advisory Service can help you to:

  • take the steps to make healthy changes in your organisation
  • understand how to apply government policies and guidelines
  • train your cooks, chefs, food service and other key staff
  • discover healthier recipes, food ideas and other helpful resources
  • provide healthier menus and products

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Positive Feedback on Healthy Choices Guidelines Workshop
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