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The fact sheets provide content options for you to tailor based on your audience and stage of your projects. SSAs/RSAs can omit content (i.e. within the Healthy Choices for junior sport fact sheet – focus on breakfast only and omit the ‘pre-game snack’ and ‘during the game’ sections) to suit your messaging, however please do not alter the content.

The templates are designed to make your life easier – a quick way that you can add messages from the fact sheets into a designed template. There are two versions of the template – water and healthy choices (both water and food). The templates available include:
  • A3 portrait and landscape
  • A4 portrait and landscape
  • Food presentation labels – colour coded to match the Healthy Choices Guidelines (red, amber and green)

Strategies for Healthy Choices
The Strategies to Influence Healthy Practices in Community Sport Settings resource outlines a range of strategies that focus on the following key areas to influence change:
  • Provision
  • Pricing
  • Display
  • Education
  • Sponsorship
  • Fundraising
  • Giveaways, and
  • Player awards

The posters are designed to provide you with ideas on how to display food items on menus, including single items and meal deals. Other posters include the ‘Traffic Light System’ encouraging ‘green’ choices, and a poster reinforcing water as the better choice over a sports drink.
The resources provide practical ways that you can achieve your projects with key messages and tips.

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