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AusPlay Participation Survey

In November the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) will release the new AusPlay national population and participation trends data.

The AusPlay Survey is a large scale national population tracking survey funded and led by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC). It fills a major gap in national sport and physical recreation data following the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ (ABS) decision in June 2014 to cease funding for all sport and recreation data collection. AusPlay will be the first national survey in Australia to collect adult and children’s sport and physical recreation participation data on the same annual survey vehicle.

AusPlay outputs will include:

  • An annual report to be published on the ASC’s website for public access.
  • Fact sheets on AusPlay findings to be released quarterly for public access.
  • Workshops to share the AusPlay findings will be held by the ASC with its sport sector partners every six months.

Vicsport strongly encourages all sports administrators to pay close attention to the results, as they will be used by all levels of government to inform sport policy and planning decisions over the next few years.

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