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Clearninghouse for Sport: Sport Sector Knowledge Sharing

The Clearinghouse for Sport (Clearinghouse) is an Australian Sports Commission led information and knowledge sharing initiative.

The Clearinghouse works to:

  • Identify and acquire information of relevance to the Australian sport sector;
  • Connect people in sport with complementary expertise;
  • Inform Australian sports practitioners (such as athletes, coaches, physical educators, scientists, researchers, administrators, volunteers, and sporting officials) about good and promising practice in sport;
  • Provide Australian governments at all levels with comprehensive and policy relevant analysis of research relating to sport, and the value of sport to the community; and,
  • Provide Clearinghouse members with high quality information on sport and physical activity.

After creating a login, you can subscribe to the Clearinghouse Daily Sports News: a daily current awareness service covering Australian and international news, events, major announcements, and the latest research and analysis in sport.

Visit for more information and to subscribe.

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Clearninghouse for Sport: Sport Sector Knowledge Sharing

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