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Creative design is often thought of as the look, or even just the logo, that has been created for an organisation, but it is, and always should be, so much more than that.

Our newest Preferred Supplier, Involve, see it as a powerful business tool that will position your organisation, engage your audience, deliver your message correctly and ultimately, by being consistent, create an identity which will give you a return on investment and add to your bottom line. This thinking is at the core of everything they do for their clients.

As a creative agency with a depth of experience working with clients from the sporting, education, construction, manufacturing, retail and fashion industries amongst others, Involve has developed many powerful identities for all types of businesses, products as well as events.

And in an age where access to information is multi-faceted, where new channels are constantly challenging the old, they understand the importance of building a brand across the entire organisation so no matter who comes in contact with it, or how they come in contact with it, the brand makes an impact.

This could be via a visit to the website, attendance at a business function or event, picking up a brochure or browsing through an annual report. No matter what type of interaction with the brand occurs, the recognition of the organisation should be instantaneous.

This is where Involve's experience and knowledge has benefitted clients in the development of their brand through everything from websites, electronic presentations, stationery and business cards to technical brochures and product cards. Involve can deliver the full spectrum of materials to assist businesses to self-manage, promote and build their identity. They can support even further with style guides and ‘rules’ and how to apply these successfully to create efficiencies and ensure brand consistency.

Involve's service offering includes developing marketing and communication materials both electronic and print based which can effectively deliver your message to the audience you want to reach. They did this to great effect for VICSWIM, developing communications including print, web, TV and radio to drive membership around their Annual Summer Aquatic Education Program which resulted in strong membership growth over a 5 year period.


Aquatics & Recreation Victoria

Their work with Aquatics and Recreation Victoria covered rebranding and repositioning and the development of all livery and communication materials including web, print and electronic products and the creation of materials to support and promote recruitment, education and events.

Whether they are conscious of it or not they are all influenced by creative design work every day and not just what is attached to the major, household name brands. Every organisation, regardless of size, has the opportunity to make an impact with their chosen audience by having a strong brand and communicating it effectively.

Vicsport has worked closely with Involve for recent collateral including our Annual Report and Strategic Plan. We welcome this friendly, affordable and innovative business on board as a Preferred Supplier!

If you would like more information please visit or contact Wally Tench via or 0407 429 427

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