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Sports Talk Governance Forum – tackling the topic on everyone’s radar

20 November, 2015

Vicsport held its 12th Sports Talk Forum at the Rendezvous Hotel on 19 November with a record crowd in attendance.  The Forum, led by facilitator Tony Wilson, was a tremendous success with thought provoking discussion.   An expert panel of Professor Russell Hoye (La Trobe University), Professor David Shilbury (Deakin University), Netball Victoria President Jenny Sanchez and Softball Victoria President Jenny Holliday tackled the tough issue of governance in sport.  The discussion focussed on governance models and the very topical ASC Governance Reform paper which was recently released. IMG_1324IMG_1323 In what can be a difficult conversation for sports to have, the panel addressed a multitude of questions from the audience as well as comments from the #VicsportForum twitter feed, covering the positives and negatives of each model and potential implications for sports.  This session was an excellent opportunity for sports administrators worcoverking within a variety of governance models to ask questions of the panel to get a better understanding of the topic and the Reform Paper. In what was a first for Vicsport, the Member Forum was live streamed from the Vicsport website by Vicsport preferred supplier MySportLive, enabling those who were unable to attend to still be part of the debate.  View the Member Forum here. The forum was followed by Vicsport's Annual General Meeting with a record 77 attendees including Life Members’ Pam Vincent and Ken Oaten.  InteractSport’s Andrew Walton was elected to the Board and Vicsport farewelled and thanked Anne King who served for four years. The 2014-15 Annual Report can be downloaded here. To cap off the day Vicsport invited all attendees to join Vicsport Professionals Network members for ‘End of Season Drinks' to celebrate the year that has been and also the first birthday of the VPN program.  The next VPN event will form part of an ongoing series called Active Networking where attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy physical activity, networking and a healthy breakfast.  Each of these events will feature an SSA who will showcase one of their programs – the first being Football Federation Victoria.  Register for this free session or see other upcoming VPN events visit vicsport.com.au. View photos from the event here   IMG_1333  

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