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State of Change Model - How to 'Nudge' People Towards Healthy Eating

Creating Positive changes in one’s behaviour is something that takes time and goes through various stages before it can grow into an everyday practice.

To put these stages into context from a ‘nudge perspective’ it may help to make sense as to why ‘nudges’ may not always be easy to initiate within a sports setting. When a club is approached to be involved in a ‘nudge’ they may only have limited or no knowledge at all as to what is involved and why it could be beneficial. A person’s behaviour or attitude towards something can change, particularly if positive and encouraging intervention takes place. This can take time as people tend to go through various stages as they change from one behaviour to another. This behaviour change process is often described as the Stages of Change Model. Below demonstrates how the Stages of Change can look when applied to the implementation of nudges in Sport settings if positive interventions take place alongside the ‘nudge’.

Think about the changes you have made within sports settings. What Stage of Change are you currently at?

Stages of Change Model for ‘Nudges’ in Sports settings





Unaware of issues

Increase club awareness around Healthy Choices


Thinking about change

Motivate to be involved in ‘nudges’


Planning for change

Choose ‘nudge’ and collect ‘baseline data’


Implementing plan

Provide support during ‘nudge’


Continue desirable actions

Give feedback and support to continue ‘nudge’

(The Transtheoretical Model, Prochanska and DiClemente, 1983).

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