Global Wellness Tracking: Prevention through collaboration

Concussion, injury prevention, mental well-being, talent development and coach education are key components in today's sporting landscape and Vicsport has again teamed up with Global Wellness Tracking (GWT) to assist in targeting those areas.

Global Wellness Tracking adapted to the needs of the community in 2020 with expansion of the AMS (Athlete Management System), integrating personalised tracking of well-being and performance from the grassroot participant up to the elite professional athlete all in the one dashboard. This is now available free of charge to the entire Victorian community via the GWT website.

“COVID-19 has created significant disruption to sports participation and the ongoing legacy has resulted in increased injuries, poor performance and anxiety around active living and engagement,” said Global Wellness Tracking CEO, Graham Dudley.

“However, GWT have responded by pulling their years of expertise in applied technologies and accredited servicing of the sports industry to support the key focus areas.”


A professional approach to objective tracking and assessing concussion in players of all ages using the latest EyeGuide ocular tracking systems under controlled GPTQA accredited protocol at scale for every player.

Injury Prevention

Resources and solutions such as MoovmentPro delivered to all players allowing us to foresee dysfunction and potential injury before it becomes serious plus using the same tools to reinforce rehabilitation for future function and fitness to all.

Mental well-being

Deep resources and services including the My Mind Voyage interactive journal experience support individualised journeys through mental wellness, anxiety and sociology aligned with physical workout, mobility and mindfulness programs.

Talent identification and development

Comprehensive suite of physical services including sport specific performance testing, draft combine management, data analytics to align validated norms and a suite of AMS solutions to enhance coach/athlete communications and relationships.

Coach education

Resources for coach learning in areas of exercise physiology, mindfulness, relationships and data analytics including the GPTQA online learning courses around reliability in assessing human performance and applying technology with consistency and validity.

“Vicsport is proud to again be working with Global Wellness Tracking, assisting our members to not only stay fit and healthy but make them aware of the technology and services available to ensure they stay well,” said Vicsport CEO, Lisa Hasker.

"2020 has accelerated the digital health sector significantly and we are fortunate to have been in this space for a number of years globally,” said Graham. “Therefore, the necessity to embrace it with purpose and education is now more important than ever.

“I have witnessed, all too often, the sporting industry misinterpret technology and its data. People become too reliant on its story rather than being able to convert the information to a genuine and deliverable solution for the purpose of successful engagement of active living and performance development.

“Times have changed and we would be naive to assume we are going back to 2019.”

More information on GWT’s support for all Vicsport members will be communicated throughout the year. You contact the team directly at or view more on their services and solutions at

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