Sport Jam 2019 – Wrap up

Sticky notes. Any office would be lost without them.

We stocked up on sticky notes for ‘Sport Jam’ last month because we knew they would be in high demand. Indeed, they were!

Sharpies. They were on high rotation too - because every idea starts with a sharpie, flipchart and a roll of butcher’s paper. Right?

Held at One Roof Melbourne, the two-day Sport Jam innovation workshop on Wednesday 20 and Thursday 21 of March gave people an opportunity to create innovative ideas and concepts, all in the name of drumming up new ways to increase participation in sport and active recreation.

Ideas, inspiration, thought provoking conversations, creativity, imagination, opinions… all are just a few words to describe the Sport Jam.

In 11 small working groups, an assigned team captain facilitated the discussion, preparing for a five-minute presentation scheduled at the end of day two.

Out rolled the butcher’s paper, permanent markers and post-it notes. Everyone got creative. The participants were committed to two full days working as part of a team, following a design thinking process that was facilitated by digital design and technology company Portable. Two days out of the office and a room full of keen sport enthusiasts was well worth the trip into Melbourne CBD. At the end of day 2, each group had the opportunity to pitch their idea, models or prototypes to the room.

Sport Jam gave administrators an opportunity to consider the value proposition of physical activity from the end-user perspective and 'think outside the box' to find new ways to encourage less active Victorians to become more involved in sport and active recreation.

Participation Strategy Manager Tom Dixon said:

"Sport Jam is one of my favourite events on the Vicsport calendar as it gives people an opportunity to get out of the office and interact with people from other organisations to workshop innovative approaches to getting people more active. The ideas that come out of Sport Jam are exciting, innovating and best of all, inspiring. Not only were new connections and networks made, people were able to offer and seek advice and guidance of one another from different sports, which is a pretty unique.”

The main focus of Sport Jam were:

  • To gain first-hand experience in design thinking methods
  • Using existing assets (available programs and opportunities) and finding smarter ways to connect people with the right program for them
  • Incentives for people to be more active in any way which suits them
  • Using strategic partnerships to reach more people and create more measurable opportunities
  • Using the lenses of end-users to change the culture of sport clubs and associations
  • Find new ways to build empathy with a target audience
  • Participants had the opportunity to collaborate and network with a range of industry experts

While the main goal of the event was to inspire attendees to use design thinking within their own organisation, they develop some interesting ideas with strong themes of:

The Sport Jam is a collaboration between Vicsport and VicHealth.

Watch a video testimony from Laura Jenkins from AAA Play (Access for All Abilities) about her experience at the 2019 Jam..

Jasmine Richwol

Communications and Marketing Manager, Vicsport

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