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What Legacy Will You Leave?

“People may forget what you did but they won’t forget how you made them feel” was one of the thought provoking comments heard by over 50 Senior Industry Professionals at the “What Legacy Will You Leave?” Vicsport Professionals Network (VPN) event held on Wednesday 6 April at the HQ of Preferred Supplier, Lander and Rogers. There was plenty of buzz amongst the guests as they networked prior to the commencement of the presentations by Synergy Global’s Paul Vardy, and the CEO of the St Kilda Football Club, Matthew Finnis. Paul discussed the theory involved in effective leadership and developing a legacy, including some great tips to inspire some self examination and key behaviours that senior management should employ.  A list of eight key management behaviours provided some great food for thought along with reminding the audience of the importance of culture.  Paul left those in attendance with a final message, “build culture by modelling great behaviours”. Whilst Matthew Finnis’ diverse background – AFL Players Association, Surfing Australia, Surf Lifesaving Victoria, and HeartKids – has certainly provided him with breadth of experience, it is his current role as CEO at St Kilda that provided the main focus for his presentation to the VPN audience.  For the past two years, this positive leader has been refocussing St Kilda Football Club.  Matthew started the presentation by engaging the audience with defining their legacy. In order to define the legacy, he questioned “why do you do what you do?” Once that has been identified you can then find out ‘how’ you are going to do it and then define “what is your legacy?” Matthew spoke about the story of the St Kilda Football Club, and the challenge of reshaping their reputation with the aim of engaging the key stakeholders of the football club and “re-connecting with Saints people”. He spoke about what the club is doing to build the St Kilda brand, reinforcing that “on-field performance alone was not the driver of disenchantment, therefore it wasn’t the only thing to fix”, stating, “communities thrive when people belong”. Following the presentations, the Senior Industry attendees were invited for some Q&A with both Paul Vardy and Matthew Finnis, before concluding the evening with a networking opportunity. The event was hosted by Vicsport Preferred Supplier Lander and Rogers at their Bourke Street office. Vicsport thanks Lander & Rogers for their hospitality, and all of its Preferred Suppliers who attended the event. For all other upcoming Vicsport Professionals Network events please visit our VPN Events Calendar. To join the Vicsport Professionals Network, and register for more member exclusive events please visit the Vicsport website. 12973245_1195503640473755_3619975713231211843_o 12973032_1195503747140411_6996722967651984613_o 12377576_1195504007140385_7100423265386699298_o

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