Sport Inclusion CoP: TMA diversity and inclusion funding outcomes

The Sport Inclusion Community of Practice (CoP) returns Wednesday August 7th!

This will be the first CoP following confirmation of Together More Active funding for projects related to inclusion and diversity. Presentations from the sector will be short and sharp sharing the population group, geographic area people are working in and the population group in focus. Speakers will be determined closer to the date following confirmation of Together More Active funding. Please feel free to self-nominate, especially those who might be new to the CoP and would benefit from being up on the stage.

The CoP will be followed by the Balloon Football Allstars game at MSAC where networking can occur in between raucous cheering. The Champions room will be available with light catering and coffee from 8am for anyone wishing to set up any meetings prior to the start of the CoP.

As always, the event will be live streamed. We will confirm details of the live stream partner one week in advance. Please register for live stream in the ticket option if this is how you wish to participate. Parking is available in the multi-level car park and MSAC is available by tram and bicycle.

We know that funding is one part of the puzzle to support greater quality of participation for everybody in Victoria. Another part of the puzzle is sharing our knowledge and resources across the sector to recognise synergistic benefits of working together better.

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8am: room open for coffee and networking meetings (feel free to set up your own meeting if you like).
8:30: Welcome to Country
8:45: Short presentations from organisations with projects related to diversity and inclusion
10:00: Structured networking - connecting those working in similiar spaces - populations, geographic locations, sports.
10:30-45: Closing remarks
11:00: Balloon Football Allstars Game - all are welcome to attend.
11:00 - noon: the Champions Room will remain available for networking until noon if the BFL game is too loud to network.

To self-nominate to present, ask any questions about this event, share ideas for future topics/locations and presenters please let Shawn know via the details below. He is currently looking for a social enterprise venue or venues where the cost of hire can support social inclusion programs.

Shawn Stevenson, or 03 9096 9871

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Wed Aug 7 2019, 8.00am — Wed Aug 7 2019, 12.00pm
Free (Member: Free)
Champions Room, Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre 30 Aughtie Drive, Albert Park VIC 3206

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