Doing Sport Differently Roadshows

Vicsport will hit the road in late November, bringing Doing Sport Differently roadshows to the East and West of Victoria.

In partnership with VicHealth and La Trobe University’s Centre for Sport and Social Impact, workshops will be held in Keysborough on November 21 and Werribee on November 29 with the aim to unpack VicHealth’s six Doing Sport Differently principles.

These ideals will help to guide the design and delivery of sport-based programs that target less-active people through social and flexible sport.

Australians who are conducting less than five days of at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day are described as less-active with 70% of Victorians currently fitting into this category.

Attendees at the Doing Sport Differently roadshows will hear first-hand from managers and deliverers of social sport programs. They will be able to discuss ways to apply these insights to current programs within their organisation and have the opportunity to network and collaborate with other sport and health organisations working towards the common goal of increasing participation in physical activity.

“We are excited to be hosting two roadshow events in November, maximising the reach of the Doing Sport Differently principles and we thank City of Greater Dandenong and Wyndham City for their support,” said Vicsport Participation Strategy Manager, Tom Dixon.

“These practical, engaging workshops have been specifically designed for professionals and volunteers from SSAs, RSAs, sport clubs, league and associations, local governments and health promotion offices.

“Research has found that people are increasingly time-poor, have varied access to sport facilities and limited money to spend on participation. This is pointing to crises in the health of Australians and risks to the viability of our sporting sector but it also presents new opportunities.

“Attracting participants by offering new avenues for social activities increases a sport’s reach and sustainability while addressing our progressively sedentary lifestyles. To improve physical activity rates, we need to do sport differently and these workshops will assist in changing your approach and your thinking.”

The workshops at Keysborough and Werribee are identical with only the selection of guest speakers differing between the sessions so attendees are encouraged to select the most convenient location.

Sign up for either event via Vicsport’s event page.

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