Active Networking: Scoring its first goal!

2 December, 2015

The bright and early morning of Wednesday 2 December saw the launch of the first of a series of Vicsport Professionals Network (VPN) Active Networking events!  Football Federation Victoria kicked off this session in Princes Park, Carlton, by showcasing their Fit Football and Summer Sevens (including the first ever Summer Eights!) program.

The enthusiastic group of participants were firstly taken through their paces with Fit Football, starting with a light warm up, before getting into more active exercises which resulted in a few puffed members by the end.  The brief session was a terrific sample of how great Fit Football is for physical activity, with participants being active in a social environment.

Fit Football was followed by Summer Sevens.  We saw participants' competitive spirit come alive, showing that when sporting individuals are involved, it doesn't matter if you're not playing for a prize, winning still matters!  The match was an excellent mix of males and females with a variety of ages and skill levels.  Fit Football and Summer Sevens cater for all demographics and skill levels, aiming to create a fun environment for all.

A super healthy but delicious breakfast in the sun provided a great opportunity for attendees to chat and share ideas following the activities.

"Fit Football was developed by Football Federation Victoria (FFV) as a result of the Innovation Challenge which was funded by VicHealth.  Rollout began in August this year with the plan to get it fully moving for 2016", said FFV's Participation Manager Mike Fox.

Summer Sevens began five years ago with the aim of reaching more Victorians and therefore growing participation in football within Victoria. "Numbers have grown from 600 participants in 2010 to 3,500 in 2015 and this increase looks set to continue", said Mike.

If you would like to know more about either programs, you can download the flyers below:

Fit Football Flyer Summer Sevens Flyer Don't be that person that misses the next VPN event!  Stay tuned for registration details on the behind the scenes tour of the Australian Open, which includes a session of 'Get into Cardio Tennis', and of course a chance to network over a healthy breakfast on Friday 29 January. Find out more about becoming a VPN member or join now here.

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