Since the release of the Winning Edge Strategy the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) has had a significant focus on the governance of sport.  To that end it has funded several governance reviews of National Sporting Organisations, mandated governance change in several sports and developed a number of governance related resources.

The significance being placed on influencing the Governance of sport by the ASC can be easily justified by governance failures in a number of sporting organisations over recent years.

The ASC’s latest work in the governance space is the release of a Governance Reform in Sport discussion paper which focuses on various voting systems within NSOs, and the member rights attributed to those votes. It examines the origins and merits of the models and systems by looking at Australian and international examples within not-for-profit and for-profit environments.

If implemented the reforms detailed in this discussion paper will have a significant impact on State Sporting Associations.  Vicsport strongly encourages State Sporting Association members to review the document and provide feedback to their NSO or directly to the ASC.  Vicsport (and its state counterparts) is also considering a response and if so will call upon member feedback in a separate communication.

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