2020 Sport Group Peter Norman Inclusion Award

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Nominations closed 5 March.

The Peter Norman Inclusion Award, recognises an individual or organisation that has made a significant contribution to safe, fair and inclusive sport. The winner of the Peter Norman Inclusion Award will be selected by a panel of industry representatives and chosen based on their significant impact to promote inclusion and diversity in the Victorian sport and active recreation sector. This award will recognise those who have pushed the boundaries to prove that real, genuine change can be made through sport.


To be eligible to be considered in this category, the nominee must:

  • Be considered as a Victorian

Consideration will be considered to:

  1. Evidence the individual or organisation prioritises diversity and inclusion within the sports industry through internal and/or public facing programs and projects
  2. Demonstration of how the individual or organisation has supported diversity and inclusion either internally, externally or both
  3. Evidence the individual or organisation has had a positive impact on the wider sports community
  4. A consistent key message highlighting the importance of inclusion and diversity in sport either internally, externally or both
  5. Efforts to benefit the wider community through sport
  6. Displayed values of fairness and integrity

Selection Process & Voting:

For all information regarding selection and voting processes, return to the 2020 Victorian Sport Award Nominations Information page.

Previous Winners:

2020 Stella Lesic Queer Sporting Alliance
2019 Naomi Symington & Janet Jones Life Saving
2018 Erik Denison Rugby Union

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