COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update and Links

Vicsport is monitoring the situation regarding coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and its impact on sporting clubs and sporting events.

The information below may help in communicating with sporting clubs and members.


  • SSAs as well as Associations and Clubs can use this Return to Sport checklist that sets out a range of essential business and operational actions recommended to undertake when considering your organisational return to sport.
  • Sport and Recreation Victoria have outlined Return To Play guidance to assist sport and recreation activities, community sport and recreation organisations as well as high performance professional sport organisations to Return To Play.
  • Return to Play information and guidelines for lodging Return to Play Plans can be found here.
  • Details on the Sport Survival package funding can be found here.
  • Details on Sports Infrastructure Stimulus facility funding can be found here.

Click HERE for a list of Return to Play Plans & Resources from SSAs current at 31 July.


  • The latest updates from Sport and Recreation Victoria can be found here.
  • Links to the latest COVID-19 information and resources are available from the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) here.
  • The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) revealed framework for rebooting sport in a national COVID-19 environment here.
  • It is worth taking note of the advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO) for COVID-19 as well as the upcoming flu season here.
  • This link from the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) regards travelling for sport events.
  • The Victorian Multicultural Commission has published language translated information, including factsheets and promotional materials, here.
  • Additional information on future travel plans can be accessed from Smarttraveller here.


Restricted Postcodes Business Support Program
Businesses can apply for the Restricted Postcodes Business Support Program following the lockdown of metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire on July 8 if they:

• Are operating in a postcode that is affected by the return to Stage 3 restrictions (not necessarily their registered address); and
• Are an employing business; and
• Are currently registered to pay GST; and
• Have a payroll of less than $3 million per annum; and
• Hold an Australian Business Number (ABN) and have held that ABN at 16 March 2020 (date of the State of Emergency declaration); and
• Have been engaged in carrying out the operation of the business in Victoria on 16 March 2020.

Cash flow boost for small and medium businesses
Cash flow support between $20,000 - $100,000 for eligible small and medium-sized businesses, and not-for-profits (NFPs) that employ staff and hold an Australian ABN as of 12 March 2020.
Payments will be delivered as credits through your ATO Statement account.
Eligible businesses do not need to apply (more information).
And an inbuilt calculator can assist with estimating the cash flow booster payment here.

Payroll Tax Relief
Victorian Businesses with annual taxable wages between $650,000 to $3 million will have their payroll tax for the 2019-20 financial year waived.
Eligible businesses must continue to lodge returns but do not need to make further payments for this financial year.
The State Revenue Office will directly contact eligible businesses in relation to reimbursement for payroll tax already paid in the financial year.
These businesses can also defer paying payroll tax for the first quarter of the 2020-21 financial year.
More Information
Claim Reimbursement

Let's Stay Connected Fund
The Victorian Government is helping communities to stay connected during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and beyond with the Let's Stay Connected Fund. The fund provides grants between $5,000 and $200,000 to support innovative, community-led and community-based initiatives.

Jobkeeper 1.0 Payment (30.03-20-27.09.20)
No change. This will run as planned. If you’re currently in the program, nothing changes from your previous arrangements.

Jobkeeper 2.0 Payment (28.09-20-03.01.21) – Dec Qtr
• Rate reduces to $1,200 per employee that works greater than 20 hrs per week
• $750 per employee that works less than 20 hrs per week
• The 20 hrs per week is calculated as an average based on the 4 payroll weeks prior to 01.03.20 (so in effect the Feb 2020 Payroll)
• Employee eligibility criteria remains the same as Jobkeeper 1.0
• Business’s remain eligible if they have a 30% downturn in turnover (15% for charities) for both periods:
Apr-Jun 2020 vs Apr-Jun 2019
Jul-Sep 2020 vs Jul-Sep 2019

Jobkeeper 2.0 Payment (04.01-21-28.03.21) – Mar Qtr
• Rate reduces to $1,000 per employee that works greater than 20 hrs per week
• $650 per employee that works less than 20 hrs per week
• The 20 hrs per week is calculated as an average based on the 4 payroll weeks prior to 01.03.20 (so in effect the Feb Payroll)
• Employee eligibility criteria remains the same as Jobkeeper 1.0
• Business’s remain eligible if they have a 30% downturn in turnover (15% for charities) for all 3 periods:
Apr-Jun 2020 vs Apr-Jun 2019
Jul-Sep 2020 vs Jul-Sep 2019
Jan-Mar 2021 vs Jan-Mar 2020

Read about the Extension of Jobkeeper Payments here.

Eligible employers - ATO Link
1. On 01.03.20 you carried on a business & employed at least 1 person
2. The business has faced a reduction in turnover:

- 50% for business’s greater than $1B
- 30% for business’s lower than $1B
- 15% for charities registered with the ACNC
3. The business is not an ineligible employer as listed by the ATO
4. The turnover calculation is your GST turnover (G1 from your bas statements)
5. The turnover comparison period’s to meet the test are:
- Mar 2020 vs Mar 2019
- Apr 2020 (projected) vs Apr 2019
- Apr-Jun qtr 2020 (projected) vs Apr-Jun qtr 2019
6. You only need to satisfy the turnover test once, you don’t need to retest each month, however on-going monthly reporting requirements will apply
7. The commissioner has discretion to set alternative tests, in unique scenarios, i.e. lumpy income or business’s not active in the same period last year.
8. An employer is not required to register, should they wish not to partake in the scheme.

Eligible EmployeesATO Link
Are employed by you as at 01.03.20 (this includes employees stood down or re-hired)
1. Are permanent part time or full time
2. Are casual and been employed on a regular and systematic basis for at least 12 mths (their start date must be older than 01.03.19)
3. Were at least 16 yrs of age as at 01.03.20
4. Were an Australian resident as at 01.03.20
5. Were not receiving Govt Parental leave or Workcover
6. Agree to be nominated by the employer (an employee can only nominate one employer)
7. All eligible employees need to be processed via the scheme, ie you cant pick and choose which employees to include

Nominating Employees
1. Before enrolling employees, you need to notify the employee you are nominating them, and they need to agree in writing - ATO Nomination form
2. Employees that have multiple employers need to nominate their primary employer, and can only receive the subsidy from one employer
3. The form does not need to be lodged with the ATO. However, you must retain a signed copy.

1. Business’s will be able to apply for the Jobkeeper payment from the 20.04.20
2. Applications to be made via the business portal or a registered tax agent

1. Payments from the ATO will be received in the first week of May
2. Payment must be made to eligible employees at the minimum $1,500 per fortnight for the first 2 fortnights ending 30.03-12.04 & 13.04-26.04, to be eligible to receive the funding
3. The ATO have accepted that the first 2 fortnights can be paid late, as long as paid prior to the 8th of May.

Action items
1. Assess whether you are an eligible employer
2. If so notify employees, and ask them to return the signed nomination form (link provided above). Employsure have provided a series of memos that can be printed and sent to employees explaining various scenarios and FAQs that are really helpful for both employers and employees. Employsure FAQs
3. Ensure you have access to your business portal. If not proceed with activating your business portal
4. From 20.04.20, when the portal opens, process application of your eligible employees. This will be pre-populated for you, using single touch payroll entries
5. Proceed with payments to eligible employees

If you have further questions on the above, contact Nataleigh Gleeson from Sports Accounting Australia.
0422 677 531


  • Victorian sporting associations and clubs are discovering new ways to remain active and healthy while COVID-19 shuts down competition. Find a list here and tag Vicsport on social media if your sport or club is thinking outside the box to keep participants engaged.
  • Our partners, HR Advice Online, have provided an update for us to pass on to you, our members, in relation to managing COVID-19 from an employer perspective here as well as a helpful FAQ sheet here.
    The information provided is general in nature, should you wish to receive specific advice for your business, please contact HR Advice Online at or 1300 720 004.
  • Lander and Rogers have created a fact sheet for sports to follow when preparing for AGM's here.
  • Sports Accounting Australia has put together a fact sheet to help sports understand what funding might be available to them in the light of COVID-19 here.
  • Use this checklist to ensure you have correct OH&S guidelines set up for working from home.
  • Triathlon Victoria have put together a home office self-assessment checklist here and a working remotely checklist here.
  • University of Melbourne has collated a list of common reactions in yourself and others during the COVID-19 pandemic as well as ways to look after yourself and manage feelings of stress, anxiety or distress.
  • Sports People have developed the Sportspeople Recruitment Employer Assistance Package with up to $100,000 allocated to the sport and recreation sector, providing meaningful and immediate service fee subsidies here.
  • If you can't get together for a presentation or awards night, My Sport Live has you covered with their high-quality live-streaming and video content team ready to assist.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to call the Vicsport office on 9698 8100 or email on

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