​Celebrating and Sharing Your Story

Sharing your success stories with other sport organisations can be a great way to demonstrate the work that you have been doing to increase engagement of people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. These stories can generate interest and excitement around your sport or organisation. They can also get more community members interested in the steps your club has taken, expose your club to more potential participants or volunteers, and help build strategic partnerships and attract new sponsors.

These stories can include testimonials, videos filmed on a phone, a page on your website or quotes that can be shared on social media. Remember, a picture tells a thousand words!

It is important to recognise and celebrate the people within your sport who have led the way on boosting participation by everyone. This can include recognition within your organisation, or entering awards offered by other sport sector organisations or local council. Here’s some ideas:

  • Offer awards and recognition within your organisation – this might be as simple as certificates and “thank you” letters from committees and recognising champions through award structures (e.g. annual and/or regular awards).
  • Take part in the Victorian State Government’s Cultural Diversity Week which is a great way to connect with others and promote the work your organisation is doing.
  • Send in nominations for the Victorian Sport Awards.
  • Send in nominations for State Sporting Associations awards or local council awards