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Aboriginal People

The best outcome for sport organisations and participants at all levels is to make participation sustainable so that current and future generations can enjoy the benefits of sport and active recreation. Your sport can play a big part in supporting this movement at the grassroots level, by involving Aboriginal people in sport as participants, leaders, athletes and industry professionals.

Remember, building relationships with Aboriginal communities, with elders and community leaders, is a great way to understand the impact your sport has had, and sustain the involvement of Aboriginal people as participants in your sport.

The information outlined below provides your organisation with ideas and strategies to continue developing an environment that everyone wants to be a part of:

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The information, advice and resources contained on this page have been developed by Vicsport, using the independent evaluation of the VicHealth State Sport Association Participation Program, and through consultation with VicHealth, Sport and Recreation Victoria, Netball Victoria, Cricket Australia, Surfing Victoria, Canoeing Victoria, and Gippsport.

Share your stories!

If your organisation has a story to share about participation in your sport by Aboriginal people, please feel free to contact Vicsport. We would be happy to provide links to case studies or videos on this page.


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