We Don't Serve Alcohol

Not all sporting organisations and clubs serve alcohol, particularly junior sporting clubs. There may however be some occasions where alcohol could still be available to consume. Examples of this include non-bar related settings when alcoholic beverages may be available or promoted for example one-off events, during fundraising, through sponsorship and prizes, at BBQs, out of the esky, or simply individuals bringing their own (BYO).

Many benefits are associated with creating a healthier sports club that does not serve alcohol.Benefits include:

  • Attracting and retaining members
  • Positive club image (family friendly and welcoming)
  • Improved social interaction
  • Attracting volunteers for administration, umpiring and coaching roles

During circumstances where alcohol is available, clubs have a duty of care to their members to work towards reducing the risks of alcohol by being a responsible club and managing alcohol consumption. This can include providing:

  • Alcohol free and family friendly environments,
  • Responsible service of alcohol training,
  • Liquor licencing,
  • Safe transport,
  • Alcohol management policy.

The following topics in this resource provide a range of tips and ideas that can be easily implemented to support your sporting organisation or club in ensuring the responsible use of alcohol.

Junior Clubs

Making Responsible Changes

Policy Development

Case Studies

Government Partners

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