Vicsport Guiding Sport

Vicsport Guiding Sport is a program where organisations can apply for consultation services, with the majority of fees covered by Vicsport, as part of the Sport and Recreation Victoria Together More Active (TMA) program.

With Vicsport as the strategic consultant, you are able to apply for support to have a project (up to the value of $30,000*) completed in partnership with your organisation in one of the following areas:

  • Governance Support
  • Strategic Planning
  • 40% Women on Board Quotas
  • One Management/ Shared Services Model
Sport Development & Inclusion
  • Program Design & Development
  • Participation Strategies
  • Competition Structure Reviews
  • Workforce Development
  • Child Safe Standards
  • Others (as requested)

This is a great opportunity as successful applicants will only need to contribute 10% of the overall cost towards completion of the project (*excluding event and meeting costs).

Applications will be received from Vicsport members eligible for funding through the Together More Active Program. Please note that priority will be given to application for new projects currently not funded by TMA. Scaling projects already funded by TMA will also be considered.

Please note that project support will generally be provided up until 30 June 2021 (18 months). If your project has a preferred start (or completion) date, please indicate this in the application form.

Applications open on 19th November 2019.



Vicsport are the experts in sport governance having led the push to improved governance processes and board diversity across the industry. In 2009, Vicsport published the Good Governance Framework and Toolkit to assist State Sport Associations (SSAs) to improve governance practices, increase skills and develop greater board diversity. The resource has been accessed frequently by sport organisations and is regarded as the industry standard for best practice governance. Vicsport has also provided dedicated 1:1 support to a range of Victorian SSAs, resulting in more diverse and capable sport boards. Projects completed in this area recently include:

  • Strategic Plan Development (BMX Victoria)
  • Board Reviews & Governance Health Checks (Netball Victoria)
  • Board Skills Audits (Boxing Victoria, Little Athletics Victoria)
  • Board Training & Development (Calisthenics Victoria)
  • 40% Women on Board Quotas – Action Plans (Victorian Billiards & Snooker)

Inclusive Sport

Vicsport’s strategic priorities include increasing access to participation opportunities for all Victorians in a safe, fair and inclusive environment. To achieve this, Vicsport works to build the capacity of members to be inclusive of the broader community through human-centred approaches to the design and delivery of sport programs. Vicsport developed the Welcoming Sport resource with VicHealth to help guide sport organisations to become more inclusive through changes to policies, practices and physical environments. In addition, the Forward Thinking Series has run for six years and introduced many ideas, processes and innovation concepts to assist members to keep up with community expectations. Projects led by Vicsport in this area include:

  • Scope Balloon Football Review – Vicsport led a process to consult with potential partners and developed a customer journey map to strengthen participation in the league.
  • Baseball Victoria (BV) Inclusion Strategy – Vicsport led the development of a strategy for BV to develop new pathways and programs for people with Autism.
  • Cricket Victoria – Child Safety Standards Workforce Development Plan

Expressions of interest

Applications open on 19th November 2019. An Expression of Interest Form (click here to download) can be completed and returned to by close of business Thursday 5th December 2019.

Queries can be directed to:
Anthony Bowd, Manager Strategic Projects
Fiona Jones, Sports Consultant
Tom Dixon, Participation Strategy Manager

(03) 9698 8100

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