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Join Vicsport for a series of short talks about how successful social sport products are changing the way sport is delivered and opening up new participants to sporting organisations.

The sector is fast becoming aware there has been a growth in participation in non-organised sport and physical activity. This poses a challenge for sporting organisations to adapt to meet the demand for more social, flexible and non-competitive sport products that fit with busy lifestyles, and focus on achieving personal health and social objectives, rather than competition.

Additionally, less than a third of Australians get enough physical activity every day. If delivered in an engaging way, sporting activity is a great way for people to improve their physical health and their mental wellbeing.

In response to the above shift in sport’s participation, the Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (VicHealth) has partnered with State Sport Associations (SSAs), Regional Sports Assemblies (RSAs), local clubs and associations and local councils to increase the number of less active Victorians participating regularly in sport under the following VicHealth programs:

The initiatives support VicHealth's Action Agenda which aims to see 300,000 more Victorians physically active by 2023. All programs were evaluated by Latrobe University which has provided a wealth of learnings and guidance for sporting and other organisations wanting to develop or improve their social sport products.

Vicsport has worked closely with VicHealth throughout this journey and views innovation in sport as a key strategy to get people more active, more often. We support our members to change the game by developing innovative approaches to sport participation, including modified and social sport products targeting ‘less active’ people not participating in traditional organised sport.


This summer Vicsport is running a series of short ted-talk style events to showcase successful modified and social sport innovations. Spaces are limited so get in quick!

Vicsport Talk #1 – A New Pathway

November 23 2018

8am – 9.30am

CitiPower Centre at the Junction Oval

Hear about two social sport products creating entirely new pathways for participation in sport.

Two talks will be presented by:

  • Netball Victoria – Rock Up Netball
In just three years Netball Victoria has created a new pathway for over 3,000 less active women and girls to participate in a more social form of netball. Delivered through a license model, Rock Up Netball is already available in 19 locations. Find out what makes the program a success and how Rock Up is increasing overall participation in netball.

  • Hockey Victoria – J-Ball
J-Ball is a brand new social version of hockey developed by Hockey Victoria (HV) in partnership with VicHealth. J-Ball is a new social version of hockey played on a smaller field six players per team, modified rules and no requirement for shin-pads, mouthguard or any other protective gear. With 91% of participants new to the sport, J-Ball is tapping into an entirely new market of participants and increasing participation in hockey.

Vicsport Talk #2 – Engaging Women in Sport

January 31 2019

8am – 9.30am

CitiPower Centre at the Junction Oval

Hear about two social sport programs attracting women and girls to sporting opportunities.

Two talks will be presented by:

  • Bowls Victoria – Bowling with Babies
Bowling with Babies is a participation program providing a safe, comfortable environment for new mums to get out of the house, meet other mums, enjoy a gentle game of bowls and coffee. With 500 participants in the first 12 months, this program is kicking goals! Find out why the program was a perfect fit for mums looking to stay active.

  • Cricket Victoria – Social Sixes
Not quite cricket…Social Sixes is an exciting NEW cricket program specifically designed for women. The session focuses on activities that are designed to teach the skills required to play cricket. Find out how Social Sixes breaks down barriers and engages women in a fun, social and flexible version of cricket.

Vicsport Talk #3 – Innovation in Clubs & Associations

February 11 2019

6.30 - 7.30pm

Eureka Centre, Ballarat

In partnership with Sports Central and the City of Ballarat, Vicsport is hosting an evening event to showcase innovation in clubs and associations.

Speakers include:

The Growth of Female Cricket in Ballarat - Ballarat Cricket Association / Ballarat Women’s Cricket Club

  • Greg Wakeling – Operations Officer – Ballarat Cricket Association
  • Jenna Fowlie – President – Ballarat Women’s Cricket Club

The Growth of AFL for All Abilities in Ballarat - AAA Sports Ballarat / Ballarat Bulldogs Football Netball Club

  • Kellie Tait – Founder – AAA Sports Ballarat
  • Brad Tait – Coach – Ballarat Bulldogs Football Netball Club

The Growth of Girls Golf in the Central Highlands - Ballarat District Golf Incorporated

  • Andrew Milligan – Junior Coordinator – Ballarat District Golf Incorporated
  • Helen Pascoe – Former President – Ballarat District Golf Incorporated

Vicsport Talk #4 – Sport for People with Disability

March 1 2019

8am – 9.30am

CitiPower Centre at the Junction Oval

In the final of our four talks, this event will showcase two programs which demonstrate innovative approaches to creating new sporting opportunities for people with disability.

Two talks will be presented by:

  • Gymnastics Victoria – Aerobase
The award-winning Aerobase program is a fun six session Aerobics program for schools and groups. Aerobase is a basic, fun and exciting new way of learning Aerobics. Aerobase can be done anytime and anywhere including in a PE class, a dance class, as a wet day timetable activity or even as a warm up to kick start the day! With over 4,000 participants, this program has revolutionised gymnastics participation by breaking down barriers and creating a fun environment. Find out why the program has been a hit!

  • AFL Victoria – AFL Blind
AFL Victoria has partnered with Blind Sports & Recreation Victoria to develop a pilot program for the Victorian blind/vision impaired community. Thanks to support from VicHealth they have been able to deliver an 18 month project which has involved the development of rules, equipment, venues and support staff with aim to create an adapted version of our great game. Learn about how AFL have developed and tested this new concept.


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