Standard 2 - Child Safe Policy

A child safe policy or statement of commitment to child safety.

This Means:

Creating a foundation for a child safe environment by:

  • Documenting how you will meet your duty of care responsibilities to children
  • Confirming your commitment to child safety and the best interests of children
  • Making a commitment to child safety clear to people in your organisation, children, families and the community

Examples of how your organisation can meet this Standard:

  • Develop a new (or review your existing) child safe policy or statement of commitment to child safety – if you don’t have one already, your State Sport Association may have a Child Safe Policy you can adopt. Vicsport also has a template you can use.
  • Ensure committee members, staff and volunteers are aware of your child safe policy and its key points.
  • Communicate the policy widely through direct emails, newsletters, social media, written reports, your website and more.
  • Include your child safe policy and additional material in all inductions and welcome meetings for committee members, any staff, volunteers such as coaches and officials etc.
  • Promote a “policy of the month” via your newsletters, social media and communication channels
  • Provide a contact person/people in communications about your policy to assist with enquiries and activities

You can support your members by:

  • Providing an outline of the policy development process you have undertaken
  • Providing members with easy access to your child safe policy
  • Providing a contact person/people to assist with any questions or enquiries

Helpful Resources:

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