Standard 1- Organisational Culture

Strategies to embed an organisational culture of child safety, including through effective leadership arrangements

This Means:

Leading from the top down and embedding a culture that makes child safety everyone's business by:

  • Protecting the interests of children, not the organisation
  • Making child safety a top priority within the organisation
  • Taking a zero-tolerance approach to child abuse and to racial, religious or cultural discrimination
  • Establishing values, behavioural expectations and recruitment practices that are consistent with a child centred, child safe culture

Examples of how your organisation can meet this Standard:

  • Include a commitment to child safety in your communications and key documents (i.e. website, newsletters and registration forms)
  • Report on your progress towards child safe sport in your yearly review or annual report
  • Discuss child safety and your organisation’s approach to the Standards at key events such as your AGM and highly attended functions (i.e. presentation, trivia nights and other fundraisers)
  • Discuss child safe scenarios at team and committee meetings
  • Have designated child safety representatives or champions within your organisation
  • Include child safety as a regular communication item with your members, along with a standing item at committee meetings
  • Undertake awareness training for all committee members, coaches, officials, volunteers, parents and children.
  • Have a dedicated section on your website outlining your organisation’s approach to child safety and the support available to members
  • Display information and posters throughout meeting rooms and facilities, outlining your commitment to child safe sport
  • Promote what is happening within your organisation through short case studies or articles in your newsletters/social media
  • Utilise upcoming events and training days to present to your members about the Standards
  • Congratulate members who are taking steps to address the Standards via presentations, emails and your website

You can support your members by:

  • Providing clear communication about what you have done and are planning to do
  • Providing a contact person/people to assist with their enquiries and activities

Helpful Resources:

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