Workforce Development

The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that 1.6 million individuals are involved ‘in at least 1 non-playing role in organised sport and physical activity’, of which 445,000 are Victorian. However, only 41% of these persons (i.e. 634,300) have completed some type of course, training, or qualification relevant to their role.

In response to this research and industry consultation Vicsport has identified the potential for SSAs to take a more structured and strategic approach to workforce development planning in an effort to build the capacity of the SSA and the volunteer workforce in the sport. These consultation findings and recommendations are supported by national research that highlights workforce planning as a key gap in the sport sector (Newland 2012).

In taking a strategic approach to workforce development sporting organisations are recommended to prioritise:

  • The collection and use of robust data that supports proper planning (including demographic and population growth data);
  • Using evaluation tools that support future planning based on a supply and demand analysis; and,
  • An approach that encourages a more diverse volunteer workforce.

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