There are lots of organisations you can partner with to help you promote and support opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds to participate. These organisations might also be able to provide training and awareness sessions to build the capability of your staff and volunteers to support ongoing participation.

The Centre for Multicultural Youth partners with several State Sporting Associations and clubs to assist them to be more inclusive of diverse youth. CMY can assist your organisation to connect with communities in an appropriate way.

At the local level, potential partner organisations could include your local council, schools or other organisations such as community centres, faith based organisations, language schools or consulates. If you want to find these organisations in your area, the Victorian Multicultural Commission has a community directory here.

You can also partner with the Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health to create translated resources or access cultural diversity training programs.

The VicHealth Partnerships Analysis Tool is a very useful guide for assessing and developing effective partnerships. It is one of the most downloaded resources ever from the VicHealth website.

Partnership Examples

International Student Academy – Cricket Victoria, Study Melbourne, Deakin University, Bendigo TAFE and Kangan Institute.

One Netball - St Mary’s Netball Club working Netball Victoria, Australia Post and the local Sudanese community.