Reconciliation Action Plans

Many organisations – including national and state sport organisations across Australia – have developed Reconciliation Action Plans (RAP). A RAP is more than just a document, it is a pathway to greater inclusion of Aboriginal people into sport and active recreation. It is also a great way for your organisation to demonstrate your commitment and contribution to reconciliation.

You can view some examples of sport organisation RAPs below. Some of the outcomes the plans aim to achieve include:

  • The creation of safe, fair and inclusive environments for everyone to participate
  • Strengthening of relationships with Aboriginal people
  • A commitment over time to achieve an equitable sport
  • Increase participation by Aboriginal people
  • Development of a list of practical actions and plans which can reasonably be achieved by the organisation

If your organisation plans to develop a RAP, remember that is doesn’t need to be a lengthy document. The most important step is to consult with Aboriginal leaders within and outside of your sport (such as community organisations or co-operatives) to ensure that you undertake a journey of learning and understanding that will help you develop useful actions in your plan. You might consider forming a working group to develop your plan.

Watch: Julia Symons from Netball Australia talking about the One Netball program and their development of a Reconciliation Action Plan.

Read: examples of existing sport Reconciliation Action Plans.