Program Background

State Sporting Association Participation Program

The State Sporting Association Participation Program (SSAPP) was delivered between 2011 and 2014 in conjunction with 30 State Sporting Associations (SSAs). The program aimed to increase participation in community sport and active recreation, particularly among priority populations, such as:

  • People with disabilities
  • Aboriginal Victorians
  • People from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
  • Women and girls

The SSAPP aimed to:

  • Bring about sustainable organisational change at a state and member level.
  • Increase the participation of priority populations in community sport and recreation.
  • Trial Everyone Wins (a resource framework) to determine its effectiveness to increase participation among priority population groups.

Healthy Sporting Environments Program

The Healthy Sporting Environments Program (2011-2014) aimed to support local sports clubs to become healthier, welcoming and more inclusive. The program was initially implemented by Leisure Networks in the local government areas of the wider Barwon region. Much of the work involved adapting and using existing health promotion programs and resources targeted to sports clubs.

Given the success of the demonstration project (which concluded in March 2013), the program was expanded to regional and rural areas throughout Victoria. Work continued with nine Regional Sports Assemblies to ensure that an additional 250 clubs receive tailored support to improve their club environments.

Clubs across the state were supported to implement policies, programs and practices to ensure that:

  • alcohol is served and consumed responsibly.
  • a variety of healthy food and drink choices are available.
  • smoke-free venues become the norm.
  • women and girls, Aboriginal Victorians and people from culturally diverse communities are provided with safe, supportive and meaningful opportunities to participate, free from discrimination and fear of violence.
  • injury prevention and management is prioritised within clubs.
  • measures are taken to reduce harmful exposure to UV.