The "traffic light" system

To help Victorians work out which foods and drinks are nutritious or healthy, the Victorian State Government has developed the Healthy Choices Food and Drink Classification Guide. The guide uses a “traffic light” system to assign a RED, AMBER or GREEN traffic light colour to foods and drinks depending on how nutritious they are. Food and drinks in the Green category are the healthiest and should be encouraged as the best choice through the way they are displayed, priced and promoted. Those in the Red category are the least healthy and therefore should have limited display, with promotion avoided.

83% of clubs that have implemented Healthy Eating initiatives found the traffic light system helpful

If you sell or provide food and drinks at your sporting organisation, you should work towards the following:

  • At least 50% of choices are from the Green category and are promoted and displayed the most.
  • No more than 20% of choices are from the RED category and have limited promotion and display.

The following links provide further information to help your organisation promote and encourage healthy eating:

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