Why is healthy eating important?

Healthy eating and good nutrition helps us to get the most out of life and at all stages of life. Adults who eat well enjoy more energy and vitality, making it easier to stay fit and active. Children who eat well will have energy for playing and sporting activities. Healthy eating also helps them to concentrate and learn, and supports normal growth and development.

On the flip side, an unhealthy diet puts us at risk of becoming overweight and obese and developing weight-related diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some cancers.

However, around half of Victorian adults are now overweight or obese. VicHealth’s Obesity Summary provides more information about the diet-related health issues facing Victorians. We can make healthy eating easier by providing healthier foods and drinks in places where the community spends time. This includes where people get together to play sport.

How can your sport provide healthier food and drink?

Vicsport and VicHealth are helping Victorian sporting organisations to make the healthy choice the easy choice through this Healthy Eating resource.

This resource helps organisations learn how to provide a better balance and range of healthy foods and drinks alongside what they already offer.

The information and guidance within this Healthy Eating resource is based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines, which are backed by evidence-based research. Click on the links below to get more information about the Australian Dietary Guidelines and healthy eating for sport. For individual dietary advice for elite sports, refer to Sports Dietitians Australia.

Australian Guide to Healthy Eating

Food for Sport

Food Variety & Healthy Diet

Sports Dietitians Australia

"Over 50% of respondents believe that there are not enough healthy food options sold at community sporting clubs."