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Good Governance Toolkit

Vicsport’s Good Governance Toolkit provides practical information and templates for consideration by Boards, Chairs, CEO’s and other stakeholders responsible for the quality of corporate governance in sporting organisations. The Toolkit assists sport organisations to improve governance practices at a board and leadership level.

The Good Governance Framework and Toolkit is informed by evidence, industry leading ‘good governance’ practice and Vicsport’s practical experience  working with over 30 State Sporting Associations to strengthen corporate governance.

The Toolkit contains a comprehensive overview of five key components of good governance practice:

  1. Board Structure & Purpose
  2. Election and Appointment
  3. Board Induction
  4. Board Performance, Behaviour & Culture
  5. Performance Evaluation and Board Development

The resource includes a range of templates and tools to support sport organisations implement good governance practice. The Good Governance Toolkit was updated in 2015 to include additional information and references to the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) Sports Governance Principles 2012 and the Associations Incorporation Reform Act (Victoria) 2012.

Visit the online Good Governance Framework & Toolkit

Download the Good Governance Toolkit (2015).

Women on Boards Fact Sheets

The Good Governance Project by Vicsport is an initiative to increase the number of women on boards and committees at various levels in State Sporting Associations (SSAs).  Run by Vicsport with support from VicHealth, the project aims to develop organisational capacity to provide accessible and inclusive opportunities for women to participate at this level. As part of the project, Vicsport conducted a variety of research into the under representation of women currently sitting on boards within the sport and recreation industry in Victoria.

An analysis of the board composition of Victorian State Sporting Associations (SSAs) by Vicsport revealed that women are underrepresented at the top level of these organisations. Only 29% of board positions were occupied by women.  These findings led to a literature review which revealed some possible barriers to women gaining board positions. These included: the culture of the organisation, family constraints, self efficacy, a lack of experience, and a lack of role models. To find out more about these barriers, and others, Vicsport conducted interviews with women currently sitting on boards within the sport and recreation industry. The key objective of the interviews was to gather views based on firsthand experience and observations regarding common barriers, pathways onto board positions and possible strategies to encourage more women to get involved in governance positions of sporting organisations. At the conclusion of the project we hope to give women the skills, confidence and assistance to apply for and gain positions on boards and as a result increase the number of women currently filling the role of a director.

Experiences and Perceptions of Female Directors

Research has revealed that women face a number of complex barriers that may hinder their advancement into leadership roles and representation on governing boards. Female directors were asked to reflect on their own experiences and perceptions of these commonly reported issues in order to inform future strategies to overcome these.

The following fact sheets provide a valuable insight into these key issues, practical recommendations for individuals and for organisations wishing to improve gender diversity on boards not to mention some very inspirational stories.

Are You On Board? Campaign

Did you know?

  • Women hold 33% of all Victorian State Sport Association (SSA) board positions
  • 34% of all SSAs have 1 or no women on their board
  • 14% of all Chair/President positions are held by women

Vicsport has developed the ‘Are You on Board?’ (AYOB) campaign to support conversation and action around gender diversity on Victorian SSA boards. As part of the campaign, Vicsport has created and compiled tools to help SSA CEOs, Presidents and Board Members to put gender diversity on the agenda and take action.

This campaign encourages you to take the lead and embrace and encourage diversity within your organisation to achieve the best results for your sport.

Visit the Are you on Board? page for full details and view the video below.

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