We Are Here For Your Organisation

We exist to assist you and the organisation you work for. You are at the coal face, working to achieve your specific goals. The way we achieve our goals is by making you and your organisation successful.

Sport is constantly changing especially when it comes to best practice in the vital areas of participation, governance, commercialisation, inclusion and workforce development. We are here to help your organisation keep on top of the changing information and ensure that your sport will continue to develop and grow for future generations.

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Benefits of Becoming a Member

Vicsport organisational membership is all about developing the capacity and capability of your organisation to ensure that you can meet the changing needs of your sport and its participants.

By becoming a member you will have access to:

  • up to date information
  • research
  • expert advice
  • exclusive member events
  • and many more benefits

Some of the topics covered within your benefits are participation, commercialisation, governance inclusive sport and workforce development just to start.


Organisational Development

We are looking to constantly work with and improve the capacity and capability of our members and the wider Victorian Sports Industry. We see the following areas as vital to ensure the continued growth and development of sport in Victoria and are committed to providing up-to-date information and resources.

Each section contains information, resources and services that we can offer organisations to help navigate the constantly changing environment in which they operate.

Strengthen Governance
Grow Participation
Safe, Welcoming and Inclusive Sport
Workforce Development


While we do not provide grants ourselves, we work hard to ensure that you have information on all available grants for you and your member organisations including clubs. The following page contains grants that are currently open for applications and will be updated frequently when new opportunities arise.

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In 2015 Vicsport partnered with Preferred Supplier Leisure Networks to deliver educational programs to sporting associations and local government.  Leisure Networks offers a range of opportunities to suit your organisation, with programs covering a large number of topics and formats and can be tailored to suit your needs.

  • Planning
  • Finances
  • Marketing/Promotion
  • Fundraising, Sponsorship & Grants
  • Risk Management
  • Running Successful Clubs
  • The 3 R's of Volunteer Management
  • Growing Your Club
  • Put a Stop to Bullying

Contact Leisure Networks today and find out how they can assist you and your origination.

Government Partners

Preferred Suppliers