Vicsport Innovation Lab

The Vicsport Innovation Lab is a new offering from Vicsport, supported by VicHealth. The aim of the lab is to assist organisations with the development of new ideas to increase participation in sport or recreation by less active Victorians.

Organisations can receive support in the form of workshops and resources to the value of $5,000.

The Vicsport Innovation Lab is open to all Vicsport members including state sport associations and their affiliated clubs and associations, regional sports assemblies, local governments and state sport & recreation bodies.


People working in sport are passionate about creating opportunities for the wider community to gain the benefits of an active, healthy lifestyle.

However, a common challenge is having the time to investigate the merits of new ideas. Vicsport Innovation Lab aims to make this process easier by utilising the expertise of Vicsport to develop concepts that meet the needs of modern consumers.

Benefits to your organisation include:

  • Explore innovative ways to increase participation in your sport or local area.
  • Develop stronger concepts for funding proposals.
  • Build your team's capability to develop concepts which meet the needs of users and stakeholders.

You express interest in exploring an opportunity or idea around growing participation, and we help you explore it through:

  • Workshops
  • Tools and frameworks
  • Insights from potential participants

Over four weeks, we'll lead you through a series of workshops and activities, complemented with handy resources. You'll leave you with an action plan to continue driving your idea forward. We'll tailor a plan to suit your needs, ensuring the processes we introduce are relevant to your innovation journey.

To help us design a plan which meets your needs, please consider which of the following innovation phases your project fits with.

  • Objective: You may have a stated strategic aim to increase participation by a demographic (i.e. women and girls, people with disability, CALD youth). Or, you may have discussed opportunities to develop a program targeting a specific group, but not had time to explore the idea further. If this is the case, the Vicsport Innovation Lab will assist you to gather useful insights from potential participants and examine available data and surveys to give you the information needed to generate an opportunity statement that can be used to generate new ideas.
  • Opportunity Statement: You have a clear opportunity statement that you would like to turn into ideas and test with the target market, e.g. "How might we engage (target audience) in a more social version of (sport)?" The statement is backed up by some level of research and engagement with the target audience. If this is the case, the Vicsport Innovation Lab will assist you to undertake end-user consultation and ideation activities to develop a strong concept that can be pitched to funding partners.
  • Concept: You have a clear idea or concept that is ready to be tested with participants, such as the idea to trial a new modified sport. If that is the case, the Vicsport Innovation Lab will assist you to developing a prototype to test with participants and other key stakeholders, and then assist you to refine the concept based on feedback.

As an example of how the project might work, if the application was to explore an objective, we would explore opportunities over four weeks.

Week 1 Weeks 2-3 Week 4
3 short workshops:
- Identifying users & assumptions
- Environmental scanning
- Planning for user engagement

- User interviews and surveys
- Participation data analysis
2 short workshops:
- Synthesising insights
- Opportunity statements & ideation

February 18, 2020

Information webinar & expressions of interest open (*see the fine print below)

March to June 2020

Projects run

June 30, 2020

All project completed

The Vicsport Innovation Lab is designed to be conducted over four weeks, providing a quick turnaround for useful resources and information. The program is open to:

  • State sport associations
  • Regional sports assemblies
  • State sport and recreation bodies
  • Local government
  • Sport clubs and associations

Applications can be submitted by a single organisation, or a group (this could be a group of 2-5 organisations who would like to explore an objective, opportunity or concept as a group). Group applications must have a lead organisation.

Time: Ideally, each organisation will commit at least two staff for approximately 15 hours across one month.

Cost: $500+GST payment prior to commencement of project (10% of project value).

Agreement: The successful organisation(s) must sign a Memorandum of Understanding with Vicsport.

*Project assessment: Expressions of interest will be assessed as they are received, on a first come, first serve basis. The assessment will be conducted by Vicsport and VicHealth. Priority will be given to organisations ready to commit resources (primarily staff time) to complete a project over four weeks between March and June.


Tom Dixon
Participation Strategy Manager
[P] 03 9698 8100

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