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Everyone wants to participate in sport in a safe and welcoming environment. For children, this should be no different.The Standards are Victorian legislation requiring organisations providing services or facilities to children under the age of 18 to take steps to provide a safe environment in order to reduce or remove the risk of child abuse. They came into effect in 2016/17 as a direct result of the Betrayal of Trust inquiry into institutional responses to child abuse.

It is important that your club, league or association is continually taking steps to review its child safe practices. This helps to build a positive and strong child safe culture. This means your organisation will need to not only look at the services and support you offer your members, but also how you operate internally, among staff, volunteers or committee members.

The Standards are overseen by the Commission for Children and Young People, a Victorian Statutory Authority. Vicsport’s role is to support sporting organisations with advice, guidance and resources in order to meet the Standards and build a positive child safe culture.

Regardless of where you are in your journey, you aren’t alone. There are many other sporting organisations taking steps to meet the Standards as well. You can contact the following organisations for support and advice:

  • State Sport Association
  • Regional Sport Assembly
  • Local Government Authority
  • Vicsport
  • Commission for Children and Young People

Addressing the Standards is an ongoing process and one which requires continued attention. Vicsport is committed to providing support and up-to-date resources for clubs, leagues and associations to assist with meeting the Standards, and identify if the culture and environment within their organisation is supportive and protective of children. The following resources will assist you in understanding what the Standards are, why they are in place and what you can do to build a child safe culture in your sport.

Getting Started
All Resources for Child Safety Compliance and Regulation

For further information on the Child Safe Standards contact:


03 9698 8100

The Commission for Children and Young People

03 8601 5281

Sports Clubs, Leagues and Associations are also encouraged to contact the following organisations for assistance:

Government Partners

Preferred Suppliers