Healthy Eating

Healthy eating helps boost our physical activity and performance across all sports and at all levels — from social to competitive to elite. Eating well helps us to recover from exercise and lessens the chance of injury. It also keeps our bodies strong for every day life.

Sporting organisations are in a fantastic position to lead by example and promote healthy eating to players, volunteers, spectators and the community. We know that people involved in sport want to be healthy. The 2010 Community Attitudes Survey undertaken by VicHealth showed that there’s a rising demand for healthier options within Victorian community sporting organisations.

There are many benefits to making sporting environments more healthy including attracting new members, retaining existing members, obtaining better funding and sponsorship opportunities and raising the organisation profile in the community. Players may spend more time playing, perform better and stay with the sporting organisation for longer. These factors all help sporting organisations to become stronger, on and off the field, for now and into the future.

"82% of respondents agreed that it is the responsibility of local community sporting clubs to promote healthy eating"

Why is healthy eating important? The "traffic light" system Promoting Healthy Eating

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