Good Governance: How to use the toolkit

The Vicsport Good Governance Toolkit focuses on five key areas of governance and aims to assist organisations to improve governance practices and encourage diversity in the board room.

Each area of the Vicsport Good Governance Model relates to the central idea of good governance; however, the sequence through which an organisation progresses is not necessarily important. As the model below demonstrates, there is no start or finish point and it is not necessary to follow any particular sequence.

The Toolkit is intended to be used in two different ways:

  • To meet a particular need at any one time. For example, the board may refer to the “Election and Appointment” section of the Toolkit prior to an upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) to develop a Board Election Kit; or
  • As a model for the board to undertake a regular governance review process where the board can systematically work through each stage for continual reflection, improvement and to ensure risk management and compliance obligations.

Whichever approach is preferred, it is advised that all stages are completed at some point and a continual review and evaluation of each stage is undertaken on an ongoing basis.

Whilst many of the resources contained in this Toolkit have been tailored specifically for SSAs, the policies and templates are only general in nature. All boards operate differently and vary in size and structure, as such Vicsport strongly encourage boards to amend the templates contained in the Toolkit to reflect their particular needs.

Vicsport Good Governance Model

Governance Information and Resources

The following sections provide advice and guidance to sporting organisations about the effective governance practices. Vicsport’s evidence-based framework and approach is designed to provide sporting organisations with practical and easy to follow tools to strengthen governance practices, now and into the future.

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