Forward Thinking Series

Session 4: 2017 Victorian Community Sport Unconference

Welcome to the 2016/17 Forward Thinking Series!

The Forward Thinking Series aims to build the capacity of the sport and active recreation industry to respond to the changing business of sport.

Attendees will ideally be a part of all four sessions. The series has been designed to take attendees on a journey. Over the course of the four interactive sessions you will learn and gain a greater understanding about innovation, attaining and using data and research, forming and getting the most out of partnerships and new ways in which to approach problem solving.

At the conclusion of the series, you will be better equipped to tackle upcoming or existing challenges within your organisation, and be able to give your new and existing programs the best possible chance of success.

Throughout this series, links will be made available to VicHealth’s Sport Innovation Challenge where sporting bodies will have the opportunity to pitch for a portion of a $500,000 pool of funding to get more Victorians off the couch and playing more sport more often, with a focus on those with low physical activity levels. It is hoped that with the skills and ideas created at these sessions you will be able to apply for this funding and create programs that are new, creative and innovative.

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If you have any queries in regards to the Forward Thinking Series, please contact Vicsport via or 9698 8100.

Visit the 2015 Forward Thinking Series page for past resources and information.


Session 1: Culture of Innovation

  1. Culture of Innovation presentation slides - Doing Something Good. DOWNLOAD
  2. The Origins of How Might We... - Charles Warren, Google. WATCH
  3. Where good ideas come from - Steven Johnson's TEDTalk. WATCH
  4. Before you innovate, ask the right questions - Greg Satell in the Harvard Business Review. READ
  5. The secret phrase top innovators use - Warren Berger in the Harvard Business Review. READ

Session 2: Insights to Drive Innovation Resources

  1. Insights to Drive Innovation (presentation slides) - Doing Something Good. DOWNLOAD
  2. The Innovators DNA (book) - Jeffrey Dyer, Hal Gregersen, and Clayton Christensen
  4. Humble Inquiry (book) - Edgar H Schein
  5. A more beautiful question (book) - Warren Berger


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