Forward Thinking Series 2017-18

Welcome to the 2017-2018 Forward Thinking Series. For the 4th time running, the Forward Thinking Series brings sport professionals together across four unique events to develop innovative ways to grow participation by enhancing our ability to make strategic decisions, test and improve our products, and achieve great outcomes in a resource-scarce environment.

Supported by VicHealth, Vicsport has partnered with Spark Strategy to co-deliver the 2017-18 Forward Thinking Series.

Our Journey

From start to finish, the focus of the 2017-18 Forward Thinking Series is to develop innovative ideas to engage less active Victorians in sport and active recreation.To do this, Vicsport will:

-Engage senior industry leaders to define the key opportunities to explore.

- Host the Sport Jam – a unique 2-day event where 10 teams of 10 industry professionals will develop ideas to capitalise on the defined key opportunities.

- Upskill industry professionals to act as ‘team captains’ during our 2-day Sport Jam event.

- Conduct a reflection workshop with industry leaders, key government agencies and team captains to create a legacy for our innovative ideas.

- Encourage more sport organisations to apply to the VicHealth Innovation Challenge: Sport in 2018.

How do I participate?

Participation in the 2017-18 Forward Thinking Series has been organised into the following groups:

  • Industry Leaders (invitation only) – Vicsport will invite influencers, such as CEOs and national sport participation managers to join this group to define the participation opportunities and analyse the results.
  • Industry Professionals – The two-day Sport Jam is open to anyone employed in the Victorian Sport Industry.
  • Team Captains – At the Sport Jam, team captains will play a key role in leading each group across both days. Team captains will receive additional training in innovation techniques. This role is open to Industry Professionals and will be determined via an Expression of Interest and recommendations from Industry Leaders.

Events & Workshops

At the Ignition Workshop, Industry Leaders will define the key opportunities to engage less active Victorians in sport and active recreation. The result will be at least five opportunities for the Sport Jam groups to address. The Industry Leaders will also nominate individuals for the role of team captain at the Sport Jam (team captains will be appointed via an Expression of Interest).

This event will be hosted as a breakfast workshop on Thursday 30 November 2017 and is by invitation only.

Vicsport is seeking 10 motivated Industry Professionals to play the role of Team Captains at the Sport Jam. the Team captains lead the groups groups through the design process outlined in the Sport Jam below.

Team captains will be expected to:

  • Attend a half day training session on 6 March 2018
  • Commit to attending the full two-day Sport Jam

This unique two-day event is about building capability and capacity across the sport sector to blend ideas of innovation and creativity, and develop new approaches increasing participation. The theme for this event is developing innovative ways to get less active Victorians involved in sport.

Less active Victorians represent one of the biggest opportunities to increase sport participation. How do we bring these people in to create healthier, happier communities?

Get Involved!

The two-day Sport Jam is open to anyone employed in the Victorian Sport Industry. You will benefit by:

  • Gaining first-hand experience applying innovation methods you can apply in your organisation.
  • Strengthen your ability to provide greater value to potential participants in your sport.
  • Working in a dynamic team to co-design new approaches to the delivery of sport and active recreation.

How will it work?

Attendees will commit to the full two days, with the benefit of spending both days working in groups of ten led by the Team Captains. Across two days, teams will follow a design sprint process and utilise the diverse skills and knowledge within each group to develop applicable solutions to increase participation by less active Victorians. At the end of day two, each team will pitch their idea to the other groups at the Sport Jam, as well as sports industry leaders.


Day 1

  • Attendees welcomed
  • Teams put together
  • Teams define the opportunity they are addressing
  • Research to inform and inspire ideas
  • Brainstorm potential solutions
  • Set up a method to test ideas

Day 2

  • Reflect on day 1
  • Build a prototype to define the idea
  • Create a pitch to bring the idea to life
  • Pitch the idea to the room
  • Reflection and wrap up

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Three weeks after the Sport Jam, Vicsport will host a reflection workshop with Industry Leaders, key government agencies and Team Captains to create a legacy for our innovative ideas.

This event will be by invitation only.


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Participation Strategy Manager

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