SSP/RSP Physical Activity Building Your Participant Base – Workshop and Project Sharing

With the overarching goal of the VicHealth State Sport Program (SSP) and Regional Sport Program (RSP) to grow participation in sport and physical activity, it is important that SSAs and RSAs have strategies in place to attract and retain new participants. Of equal importance is how your day to day collaboration with internal and external stakeholders supports you to be effective.

Therefore this session will focus on collaboration as one of the most important methods to effectively market your product. We will also workshop how scarce resources can best be applied to marketing activities within your organisation and how to best collaborate with clubs to support them to deliver your programs.

Mad4Leaders will once again be leading the workshop and project sharing sessions, which will include presentations from SSAs and RSAs within the SSP/RSP program, workshop and brainstorming activities, lunch, and a project sharing session in three groups of 10-12 in the afternoon (two SSA groups and one RSA group*).

This session is open to all SSAs and RSAs currently funded through the SSP/RSP program. Each organisation should send 1-2 staff members.

*The RSA group project sharing session will be held in the Vicsport boardroom, and this room will also be available to RSA staff from 3-5pm for other meetings you may wish to hold while together on the day.

Wed Mar 22 2017, 10:00am — Wed Mar 22 2017, 3:00pm
Free (Member: Free)
Sports House Training Room, Level 1, Sports House 375 Albert Rd South Melbourne 3205

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