Maximising Volunteering in Sport Webinar

Retention and recruitment of volunteers in sport - COVID Recovery

Volunteers are crucial to community club sport.

However, there is little data or research on them, apart from intermittent counts of those who volunteer and some minimal demographic information for those people.

Their motives, priorities and problems are not understood and sport, arguably, does not treat them as the asset they are.

Early evidence from the impact of Covid-19 on sporting activity indicates that sport volunteering will suffer in 2021 and, club sport along with it. However, we do not have a clear understanding of who amongst the volunteers will return, their reasons for returning or not, nor strategies to enhance retention.

The Event

The idea of the event is to review the implications of the existing data about sport volunteers from Australia and NZ and move into a discussion of ideas and strategies for connecting with all possible Victorians who might volunteer in sport.


An email will be sent out with a link to the Zoom webinar a day before the event.

The Panel

MC: Lisa Hasker - CEO of Vicsport

Panelist 1: Neil Burgin - Director of Strategic Partnerships at Sport Australia

Panelist 2: Adam Crameri - Head of Tennis Delivery and Culture at Tennis Victoria.

Panelist 3: Shannan Gove - Co-Founder of Rosterfy

Panelist 4: Scott Miller - Chief Executive at Volunteering Victoria

Panelist 5: Professor Rochelle Eime - Professor of Sport Participation, Institute for Health and Sport- Victoria University and School of Health and Life Sciences- Federation University

Wed Feb 3 2021, 10:30am — Wed Feb 3 2021, 12:00pm
Registration - $0.00 (Member: Free)

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