Disability Sport & Recreation

The focus of Disability Sport & Recreation (DSR) is to help Victorians with disability live happier, more active lives. They work to make sure Victorians with disability have equal opportunities to meaningfully engage in the sport and active recreation of their choice and have a vision of a Victoria where all people with disability can choose and access any sport or active recreation they want to engage with.

DSR works with individuals to simplify their pathway to participating in a sport or activity they enjoy, organisations including program providers and venues to ensure there are appropriate activities for Victorians with disability, schools and corporate groups to raise awareness about disability and inclusion as well as government to ensure the voice of people with disability is heard.

In partnership with Monash University and in consultation with multiple stakeholders including, most importantly, people with disability, DSR have unveiled an NDIS Sports Guide. The guide is free and outlines the logical steps that participants should be thinking about when preparing for their planning/review meeting with NDIS planners and how to incorporate sport and recreation into their goals. It also includes templates to assist with meeting preparation. The templates are currently available as accessible PDFs and accessible word documents are available upon request. DSR are looking to provide more accessible options in the future as the guide develops.

Click HERE to access the guide and click HERE to access the DSR website.

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