Consultancy Services- Governance

Vicsport are the experts in sport governance having led the push to improved governance processes and board diversity across the industry. In 2009, Vicsport published the Good Governance Framework and Toolkit to assist State Sport Associations (SSAs) to improve governance practices, increase skills and develop greater board diversity. The resource has been and continues to be accessed frequently by sport organisations and is regarded as the industry standard for best practice governance. Vicsport also provides 1:1 support to a range of Victorian SSAs, resulting in more diverse and capable boards governing Victorian sport.

1.1. Governance Health Check & Action Plan

The support involves undertaking a ‘health check’ of the organisation’s governance structure, constitution, board composition, policy framework, reporting mechanisms (including financial reporting) and compliance measures. A developed action plan identifies, short, medium and long-term goals prioritised according to compliance obligations and best practice governance principles for sporting organisations.

1.2. Governance Review

A comprehensive process which undertakes a complete review of current governance structures and identification of potential alternatives (if required). This service also provides organisations with an action plan to address governance issues moving forward.

1.3. Board Skills Audit

To ensure a Board has the correct mix of skills and competencies to maximise the governance capabilities of the organisation, the Board Skills Audit identifies current skills and competencies of the Board with a view to informing the recruitment, training and development opportunities for Board members.

1.4. Board Meeting Evaluation

Vicsport attend a board meeting observing and reviewing the format, structure and content of the meeting. The evaluation contains a checklist of key Board meeting requirements and makes recommendations to assist in improving the format and conduct of future meetings.

1.5. Board Policy Review

Vicsport will review the organisation’s Board policies and make recommendations to improve their understanding and application. If required, new template policies will be drafted for the Board’s consideration.

1.6. Board Training Workshops

In order to increase the skills and capacity of your Board, Vicsport can conduct training sessions of varying lengths and topics depending on Board priorities:

  • Introduction to governance & the role of the Board
  • Rights & responsibilities of being a director
  • Role of the Chair
  • Strategy development & maintaining strategic focus
  • Managing conflicts of interest
  • 40% Mandatory Board Quotas

1.7. 40% Women on Boards Quota Support

This service provides an overview of existing practices and makes recommendations to assist the Board to improve its gender diversity and reach (or maintain) the 40% Women on Boards Quota.

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