The Victorian Child Safe Standards (the Standards) now apply to all sporting organisations that provide services or facilities to children within Victoria. This is a legal requirement for sporting organisations of all levels and sizes from grassroots clubs all the way through to National Sporting Organisations.

The Standards relate to child protection within your organisation, and include requirements to have practices, procedures and policies in place to prevent and respond to allegations of child abuse.

Why do we need Child Safe Standards?

All organisations working with children must take steps to prevent abuse. They cannot assume that child abuse does not, and cannot, happen within their organisation. The Standards are a result of recommendations of the Victorian Governments ‘Betrayal of Trust’ inquiry and evidence of what works to prevent child abuse.

In 2012 and 2013 the inquiry addressed the handling of child abuse by religious and non-government organisations. Its report highlighted poor and inconsistent practices for keeping children safe. It found some organisations’ cultures did not focus on children’s safety and many failed to report or act on child abuse allegations.

The Standards are implemented by the Commission for Children and Young People (CCYP). They are an independent statutory body that promotes improvement in policies and practices affecting the safety and wellbeing of Victorian children and young people, with a particular focus on vulnerable children and young people.

Vicsport is committed to providing support and up-to-date resources for organisations to review their compliance with the Standards, as well as checking if the culture and environment within their organisation is supportive and protective of children. When starting your journey, the following general resources will assist you in understanding what the Standards are and why they are in place.

Vicsport has also developed resources tailored to State Sport Associations (SSAs), Regional Sport Assemblies (RSAs), Clubs, Associations and Leagues. These can be found by accessing the links below.

Further Information

For further information on the Child Safe Standards contact:


03 9698 8100

The Commission for Children and Young People
03 8601 5281

Sports Clubs, Leagues and Associations are also encouraged to contact the following organisations for assistance:

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