Vicsport here to help during COVID-19 pandemic

Vicsport would like to advise our members that, while we are working from home, we are continuing to deliver support to the sports industry in the form of advocacy, member engagement, consultation projects and online events.

We also plan to continue to run events through webinar platforms which will assist Vicsport in delivering content online.

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing significant disruptions to elite and community sport. Many of our member organisations have been hit hard financially. Staff have been put on hold, had hours reduced and in some instances let go. We understand and acknowledge the difficulty sports and staff are facing. However, this time might be a good opportunity to undertake back-of-house planning and strategic thinking.

Whilst the future is unknown, many sports are operating under the assumption that at some point down the line they will be in a position to resume previous levels of participation and the supporting operation and administration that this requires.

In the meantime, Vicsport staff are here to help. We can jump online (Microsoft Teams or Zoom) or chat by phone anytime. We would love to assist you with brainstorming ideas and developing action plans for any of the following:


  • Reviewing your organisation’s child safeguarding policies and processes to develop a short action plan.
  • Reviewing your operating policies like privacy policies, human resource handbook or IT work from home policy.
  • Brainstorm innovative ways to keep participants engaged online.
  • Reviewing approaches to customer experience for membership, events or social programs
  • Review operating practices such as online meeting platforms.
  • Supporting staff who are ‘on hold’ with training / e-skilling.

We also have a range of governance services we’re happy to chat with you about. It may be a quick conversation with some ideas and suggestions provided or a more comprehensive piece of work we could look at delivering.


  • Review Strategic Plan - what are new strategic priorities for next 2-3 years?
  • Review (or develop) Board policies- Charter, Director Role Descriptions, Conflict of Interest, Induction policy or Sub-committee Terms of Reference.
  • Revise Risk Management Plans.
  • Board Training/ development.
  • Board succession planning.

Our contact details are:





Lisa Hasker

Chief Executive Officer

0418 194 933

Anthony Bowd

Manager – Strategic Projects

0439 330 692

Tom Dixon

Participation Strategy Manager

0401 987 507

Fiona Jones

Sports Consultant

0419 564 732

Grant Richardson

Marketing and Communications Manager

0435 133 903

Bronwyn Humphrys

Administrator and Events Coordinator

0423 368 394

Maryanne Cabral


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