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Induction Training Into Victorian Sport

The sporting landscape is constantly changing. Just when you think you’re across the latest participation trends and legislation, something new enters the fray.

On Tuesday 28 November 2017, Vicsport hosted an Induction Training into Victorian Sport session at the Rydges Hotel in St Kilda. The purpose of the event was to give sporting administrators an opportunity to ‘get up to speed’ with news and issues impacting the industry in Victoria.

People traveled far and wide, RSAs and SSAs came to brush up on their knowledge about the Victorian sporting circuit from people who know the industry best.

In partnership with the State Government, the induction event covered topics such as drivers and changes to the sporting industry, Child Safe Standards and issues of integrity in sport.

Vicsport CEO Steven Potts opened the session with an overview of the Victorian sporting structure and if you ever doubted that we live in a ‘sport obsessed’ state, take a look at the stats below:

  • There’s currently 3.9 million participants playing sport in Victoria
  • Sport creates approximately 65,000 jobs in Victoria
  • 580,000 volunteers dedicate their time to the sporting industry
  • 16,000 clubs run sporting competitions around the state
  • The industry brings in $8.5 billion to grow the Victorian economy

Ben O’Brien from Sport and Recreation Victoria gave a snapshot of the dramatic changes to the industry highlighting that female participation in sport is an area of growth providing many opportunities for women to make the shift from active recreation to sport based competition.

Vicsport Participation Strategy Manager Tom Dixon spoke about trends in participation with football (soccer), golf and Australian Football leading the uptake for adults and children at club level. Tom went on further to explain that male and female participation rates in tennis are almost on par, men 55%, women 45%.

“Sporting organisations are becoming more inclusive (especially for women) and are attracting a wider audience”.

From left to right: Meghan Mayman, Vicsport General Manager, Fiona Jones, Sport Consultant, Tom Dixon, Participation Strategy Manager, Steven Potts, Vicsport CEO

Vicsport Sports Consultant Fiona Jones discussed the Child Safe Standards and Mandatory Board Quotas. This is an area many organisations are seeking advice, guidance and support to fully understand how to meet the incoming board quotas and what an organisation needs to do to provide a safe environment for children.

“Child Safe Standards and Board Quotas are issues we all need to be across. The Vicsport team are here to help and provide support for SSAs and RSAs to ensure you understand the Standards and are able to meet the incoming quotas”.

To conclude, Vicsport General Manger Meghan Mayman presented information on integrity issues in sport. Meghan referenced match fixing, doping, corruption and member child protection as being issues that sport administrators need have front of mind.

Unfortunately, these issues are happening in our industry”.

Vicsport will be hosting another Induction Training into Victorian Sport on 23 May 2018. For information and to register visit the Vicsport sporting calendar here

This event was free for VPN (Vicsport Professionals Network) members. To sign up to VPN and for more information, click here.

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