Team Captains: Forward Thinking Series 2017/18

In our last edition of Sportsview we launched the 2017-18 Forward Thinking Series. An event that aims to encourage sport administrators to ‘think outside the box’ when it comes to engaging more Victorians to be active in sport and recreation.

The Forward Thinking Series’ flagship event is Sport Jam. A two-day event in March 2018 aimed at providing industry professionals with an opportunity to use innovative tactics to boost participation at their respective sporting organisations.

Supported by VicHealth, the ultimate goal of the series is to develop innovative ways to get less active Victorians involved in sport. Attendees at the Sport Jam will develop a series of ideas, proposals or action plans which provide useful suggestions about how we can increase participation in sport and active recreation. There will be 10 teams made up of a cross section of people from the industry, with each team having the opportunity to present their idea back to the room on the final day of the event.

This type of event is new to Victorian sport, and as such, we are very excited about what we can achieve together. The Sport Jam builds on from the previous Forward Thinking Series events by providing an opportunity to set aside our current tasks, projects and distractions, and gain experience putting innovation theories into practice.

Vicsport is searching a call out for 10 motivated people from across the Victorian sports industry to play the role of a ‘Team Captain’ to develop the content that will feature at the Sport Jam.

Team captains will play a vital role in the event and will effectively co-facilitate by taking on the responsibility to lead a team of 10 people to develop and pitch a new idea within the two days.

Are you a potential team captain?

Team captains will need to be committed to the event and open to learning new processes. They will be tasked with keeping their group on track throughout the design thinking process. This means having an open mind to the potential outcomes, and understanding the milestones required to get there.

Team captains will gain a deep insight into useful process which they can continue to apply in their day-to-day roles. They will also enhance their leadership skills and ability to achieve a specified outcome by working with others.

How will team captains be supported?

Team captains will take part in a half-day training session with Vicsport and Spark Strategy. This will ensure they are ready to form their team and hit the ground running. The training will prepare team captains to utilise a series of tools designed to inspire innovative thinking and new ideas.

What is the registration process?

Vicsport is expecting significant interest in this role, and as such you will need to apply via an Expression of Interest form. This allows Vicsport to make the selection process fair and transparent.

EOI’s will be accepted until 5pm on Friday 8 December 2017.

Click here to complete the EOI form

Before you go…

While we are looking for some experience, you don’t have to be a manager or have worked in the industry for a long time. Everyone interested is encouraged to apply!


If you have any questions about the team captain role or the Forward Thinking Series in general, contact Vicsport Participation Strategy Manager Tom Dixon on (03) 9698 8106.

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