Sports Talk Forum and Vicsport AGM

On 21 November 2017, Vicsport hosted a Sports Talk Forum prior to its Annual General Meeting at the newly redeveloped North Port Oval.

The Sports Talk Forum focused on the value of relationships between Local Government Authorities (LGA), State Sporting Associations (SSA) and Regional Sport Associations (RSA) with an intention goal to produce better outcomes for sport.

The location of the AGM and Sports Talk Forum was quite fitting as it is a prime example of the remarkable outcomes that can be achieved when multiple parties collaborate to improve the infrastructure of sport.

Home of the Port Melbourne Football and Cricket Club, North Port Oval is an iconic sporting venue with a heritage listed grandstand that tells the story and rich history of community sport. The redeveloped of North Port Oval was a collaboration of the City of Port Phillip, Port Melbourne Football Club, State Government of Victoria, the AFL and AFL Victoria.

Anthony Traill, Manager Open Space & Recreation Services at City of Port Phillip provided an in-depth insight into the magnitude of redeveloping the facilities at North Port Oval.

“We needed to make sure all parties involved were aware of the scope of what needed to be done to improve this sporting venue. Upgrades to the change rooms, coaching and umpire facilities were all a priority and we had to make sure that the football and cricket season could still operate on a weekly basis”.

Shayne Ward, Government Partnerships and Facilities Manager at AFL Victoria discussed the need for creating welcoming, accessible facilities for football clubs is essential to supporting the growth of the game. He went on to further reinforce how valuable relationships are between LGAs and the sporting community.

“We need to recognise the role of Local Government in developing and supporting the growth of football in Victoria. This project was an opportunity to enhance the relationship between local government, AFL Victoria and community leagues”.

The final speaker of the day was Melanie Pratt, Sports Development Coordinator at City of Casey and someone who has been working in the industry for long enough to learn the value and benefits of forging healthy relationships with LGAs. Pratt supports this comment by saying;

“Local Government is the biggest sponsor of sport. LGA’s make health and well-being a priority and that’s why there’s such a drive to improve the infrastructure of sport in Victoria. Meaningful conversations and connections with people in local government will work in your favour”.

Anthony Traill, Shayne Ward, Melanie Prat

The Annual General Meeting provided an opportunity to welcome Derek O’Leary and Susan Smith elected to the Vicsport Board, and to congratulate Vicsport Chairman Margot Foster AM who was re-elected as a Board Director. Special thanks went to departing directors Emma Sherry, Ben Hartung and Warwick Waters for their dedication and commitment to the Vicsport Board.

Changes made to the Vicsport constitution were unanimous. For a summary of the Vicsport Constitution click here. Read the 2016/17 Vicsport Annual Report here.

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