Vicsport Board of Director Nominations

Vicsport seeks nominations from suitably qualified people for election to fill three Director positions at its AGM on 21st November 2017.

Vicsport, the peak body for sport, represents and advocates on behalf of 3.25m participants, 580,000 volunteers, 100 sport associations and 16,000 clubs, providing one voice to government and industry.

Vicsport develops programs and policies and works with its SSA, RSA and LGA members to deliver participation opportunities for all Victorians for better health, wellbeing and enjoyment.

In accordance with the Vicsport Constitution, voting members at Vicsport’s AGMs are State Sporting Associations and Regional Sports Assemblies. Individual members are not entitled to vote.

Vicsport’s Strategic Plan 2016 to 2020 can be found here

The Criteria for these Board positions are as follows:

1. Demonstrated experience and understanding of good governance and especially
1.1 The leadership role of a Board and of its Directors
1.2 The necessary capacity to focus on strategic rather than operational issues, and the corresponding ability to distinguish between matters for the Board and matters for management
1.3 The ability to work cooperatively and as part of a team on a board
1.4 The requirements to meet the obligations of being a board member including preparations for meetings, contributions out of meeting time and the attendance at Vicsport events

2. An explanation as to the understanding of the role community sport plays in Victoria

3. A proven background in one or more of the following areas:
3.1 Accounting;
3.2 Government Relations;
3.3 Legal;
3.4 Marketing & Communications;
More detail as to these roles is to be found at the end of this advertisement

4. Additional information
4.1 In 2017 there will be three vacancies on the Board according to the rotation prescribed by the Constitution
4.2 The Vicsport Board comprises 8 elected directors; and up to 2 Board appointed directors
4.3 The three director incumbents whose terms expire at the 2017 AGM are all entitled to stand for re-election
NOTE: Two Directors have indicated their desire and willingness to seek re-election
4.4 Vicsport is committed to diversity and inclusion in all its business and activity areas
4.5 There are six Board Meetings per year held bi-monthly, at 5:00pm on a Monday at the Vicsport offices at Sports House
4.6 In setting the above Criteria, the Vicsport Board, has considered:
4.6.1 Vicsport’s strategic plan
4.6.2 Vicsport’s good governance principles which include the need for a skills-based board
4.6.3 The current make-up of the Board, but excluding those positions up for election/appointment in 2017
4.6.4 The Board’s self-assessment of its skills and performance

5. Instructions
5.1 Nominations for the above position close on Monday 2nd October 2017 at 5.30pm and should be submitted to the Vicsport CEO at or Level 3, Sports House, 375 Albert Road, South Melbourne, 3205
5.2 Nominations should include a CV not exceeding 3 pages, and a cover letter not exceeding 2 pages addressing the above Criteria
5.3 Nominations must be accompanied by a signed Nomination Form including the endorsement from two Vicsport members which can be found here
5.4 Nominees’ covering letters will be circulated to Vicsport voting members prior to the AGM on Tuesday 21st November 2017. Applicants will be given the opportunity to make a 3-minute presentation to the members prior to voting
5.5 In accordance with the Vicsport Nominations Committee Charter, this circulated information will be accompanied by a report from the Nominations Committee as to the extent to which each candidate meets the Criteria above
5.6 At its discretion, the Nominations Committee may conduct interviews with the nominees before preparing each report. Any interviews will take place in the week starting Monday 9thOctober 2017
5.7 Applicants who proceed to election will be required to sign the Vicsport Board Code of Conduct form prior to the vote taking place. This document can be found here

For any queries about this process, please contact the Vicsport CEO, Steven Potts, on 03 9698 8101.

Role descriptions


  • Qualifications and experience in accounting and/or finance and the ability to analyse key financial statements; critically assess financial viability and performance; contribute to strategic financial planning; oversee budgets and the efficient use of resources; and oversee funding arrangements and accountability

Government Relations

  • Experience in building and managing government relationships and implementing industry advocacy strategies


  • Qualifications and, or experience in legal practice with emphasis on the sports industry and not-for-profit governance.

Marketing & Communications

  • Knowledge of and experience in marketing services to members and public promotional campaigns.
  • Experience in, or a thorough understanding of, communication with industry/stakeholder groups through a range of relevant communication channels.

Government Partners

Preferred Suppliers